Who Won At The Met Gala in 2019? Our ‘Camp’ Favourites…

Who Won At The Met Gala in 2019? Our ‘Camp’ Favourites…

Last week, the annual Met Gala Ball captured everyone’s attention. The ‘Camp’ theme saw a wealth of iconic celebrities don their finery to show off a mix of audacious and glamourous looks that were both jaw-dropping and chic at the same time. Today, we’re giving you a roundup of our favourite famous faces who offered up individual looks that had a substantial dose of fun and flashiness and really brought ‘Camp’ to the carpet.

Here are our stylish selects…

1. Fairy Tale Princess – Zendaya

Theatre and campness go hand in hand, so it’s no surprise that the red carpet was awash with fashion that brought in an element of performance. When Zendaya and her stylist Law Roach hit the photography line up, they didn’t disappoint. Wearing Tommy Hilfiger, Roach and Zendaya recreated Cinderella as Fairy Godfather Law’s smoke emitting wand transformed the gown from a grey colour to a glowing pale blue shade using hidden technology beneath the skirt. Designer Tommy Hilfiger described the dress as “an animatronic crystal-grey silk evening gown constructed to enable both visual and physical transformations of the silhouette from understated to dramatic". We describe it as “pure magic”.

2. Nesting Doll Reveal – Lady Gaga

If ever there was a celebrity who fitted the camp theme, it was Gaga and she certainly didn’t disappoint! With a 15-minute pink carpet performance that involved a Russian doll like costume reveal of 4 outfits, Gaga teamed up with long time designer friend, Brandon Maxwell to deliver a true fashion moment. Kicking off with a billowing pink gown with oversized bows and dolly lashes, she eventually ended in lingerie and fishnets pulling a wagon of Champagne. After a hugely successful year for her career in the serious acting world, Gaga showed that she can still embrace the fun and performance she was known and loved for in her earlier pop princess days!

3. Ice Queen – Gigi Hadid

With Michael Kors as her date, Gigi transformed herself for fashion’s biggest night by stepping out onto the pink carpet in a white, silver and gold streaked catsuit complete with matching headpiece and coat covered in feathers. The theme was certainly more is more, and Gigi layered on the look with crystal hoops and lashes. Stalking the steep stairs of the Met, Gigi looks other worldly in this iconic, gleaming look that covered her head to toe!

4. High Tech Picasso - Janelle Monae

The musician is well known for making a statement, and Janelle got everyone talking with her custom, animated dress by Christian Siriano. Hitting all the camp high notes of exaggerated glamour and art historical pomp, the balloon-hipped gown came complete with a motorized blinking eye acting as a love letter to the fragmented portraits of Picasso.

5. Totally Lit – Katy Perry

Another camp idol, Perry followed in Gaga’s footsteps by showcasing multiple looks, each with their own level of fun and glamour. Her first look involved a 20-kilo headpiece that turned Katy into a walking, talking Chandelier. Lighting up the pink carpet, she dazzled and shined in front of the cameras. Later on, she nipped to the ladies to shift into a slightly more comfortable plush burger costume, complete with giant cocktail stick spearing her head! We thought she looked delicious.

With sequins, feathers and tech touches reigning supreme, the 2019 Met Gala was an epic sight. We can’t wait to see what 2020 brings!

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