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Dive into our Majestic drop which draws inspiration from the overwhelming beauty of nature, extraordinary patterns and  colours of mother nature. Whilst the Emma Wallace woman continues to stride majestically to the rhythm of her own drum with awe-inspiring looks that command attention, she is also slowing down and appreciating the finer details in life, seeking timelessness and unique styles.  At ease in her own shell, she projects strength, hope and positivity. 

Majestic compliments our existing all-year-round collections. Versatile pieces that can be mixed and matched, timeless designs with expert craftsmanship and quality fabrics that you can wear forever. The signature new print, Chelonia and Luth, nods to the turtle - the slow and steady icon of the ocean. After a turbulent few years, this spirit animal is the perfect choice for us to channel hope and tranquility. Turning to the wider collection you’ll discover signature silhouettes that bring old and new together, referencing the 1920's to create shapes with a timeless touch. Pussybows and high necks are brought bang up to date with sheer fabrics and bold art deco prints. As always, eastern influences can be seen in kimono style sleeves, cross over panels and unique obi belt waistbands.   

Whilst Fall may be filtering in, there’s no time to dull your shine. With vivid pops of pumpkin orange, this season is all about lifting your mood and moving forward with positivity.