Top 5 Tips for a Great Outfit Photoshoot

Top 5 Tips for a Great Outfit Photoshoot

Millions of people are blogging their outfits on Instagram and other social media everyday and we do too! Want to know the key ingredients to capturing the perfect shot? This week on the Style Blog, we are sharing with you some of the top tips to a great outfit photoshoot.

1. Ignore everyone around you - it’s okay to be nervous

There is a first time for everything - including having your picture taken! It’s alright to be nervous and not know how to pose, we know how it feels… But it’s okay, you will soon get the hang of it, just be confident about it. It helps if you can pretend that no one is there watching you - just ignore everyone around you and try to act naturally.

2. Lighting & Time

Every great photographer will tell you that the key to doing a great outfit photoshoot is lighting. Having perfect lighting for a street shoot does not come by easily - you don’t want your day to be too gloomy so all details are washed away, or too bright that the picture is exposed. The perfect hours for shooting come either before noon or during late afternoon, when sunlight is not too direct to create unnecessary shadow, but bright enough to fully capture your outfit.

3.  1,2,3 Pose

Let’s talk about posing. It’s a topic everyone wants to master, but it takes a lot of practice. To avoid linear posing, try different angles - sitting down, close-ups, full body, or even squatting (in a nice way of course). Don’t be afraid to experiment with different poses, even if you think it’s ridiculous! Here we have a special little trick to achieve that candid walking pose. Have your feet apart in a regular distance, one foot in front of another, then have your body rock back and forth for that pacing movement. If you want longer legs, try the ‘tiptoe method’. Have your feet facing the camera and slightly elevated from the ground, it will give you that extra two invisible inches which makes a world of a difference. Another tip for those who are camera shy - just simply look away from it! We’ve tried it - it’s foolproof!

4. Wear something camera friendly

When taking a photo, the camera usually washes away 20% of the reality, so wear something vibrant and with lots of textures. You can also layer yourself up for that added dimension - remember, the key to successful layering is that you layer from thinnest, to thicker and finally the thickest. It is also nice to feature some detailed shots of your photogenic outfit in addition to the full body shots. This can show off all your bling and accessories that don’t get highlighted often. Accessories can make or break an outfit, so let them have their own time to shine. Follow these tips and the camera will love you!

5. Props

If you are new to the game, it is normal that you have that ‘awkward t-rex hand’ syndrome. But don’t worry we have a solution - bring props with you! Anything ranging from cup of coffee to a bouquet of flowers, and from a leaf to a book - it’s all up to you. This way, your hands will be busy carrying the props so you won’t have to worry about where to place them and it gives so much more life to your image. Also, if you’re a bit camera shy, wear some sunglasses - then no one would know if you are squinting your eyes or not!

Above all these tips, there is one tip that you should never forget - JUST HAVE FUN! It’s your photoshoot and you should do it however you want, as long as you are having fun. Now go get camera ready and capture those precious moments!

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