Top 4 Summer Trends for 2019

Top 4 Summer Trends for 2019

It’s officially summer time, are you looking forward to the warm summer breeze? We have been closely following some of the top trends this summer and this week on the Style Blog, we will share 5 of our favourite summer trends with you!

1. Keep It Short

How is it possible to not wear shorts in this steaming hot season? This summer, you can expect to see all kinds of shorts everywhere - biker shorts, cycling shorts, board shorts in all shapes and forms. Make sure you stock up on shorts because it is getting hot! Here we have our Alice Romper in red and in our signature print, Kali Shorts in cheerful pink and Jasmine Romper in cool blue. Check out our collection of shorts, you won’t be disappointed!

2. Pleat Through Your Way

Pleated Dresses are making their way back! The beautiful fabric-gathering technique adds a touch of whimsiness from the 16th Century. Carefully-placed Pleated details can be a life-saver - they have the potential to bring out a curvier frame on slimmer figures, yet can also compliment curvier bodies in all the right places! If you are looking to invest in a statement dress, look no further. Our Eden Dress, Isabis Gown and Ariyah Skirt each have just the right amount of pleating. If you are looking for a more casual take on pleating, our Preema Jumpsuit also provides a casual, chic yet comfortable look.

3. Flower Power

This summer on the runway, we’ve seen millions of colourful prints on all types of styles: shorts, dresses, tops, trousers, skirts - the possibilities are endless. And the prints are not just any other prints; floral prints are HEAVILY featured and we are proud to say that all of our exclusively designed prints are a match made in heaven for you to beat the summer heat. Check out our selection for this trend: Tamala Dress, Briar Dress, Taylor Top, Austin Skirt, Eden Dress.

4. Jumpsuit Love

So we all know that Jumpsuits are no strangers to the boiling weather, and they are said to be the ‘it’ item for this summer. We’ll expect to see a lot of jumpsuits in all colours and shapes, from bright red to warm beige, and from drapey to form-fitting ones. You all know the love we have for jumpsuits; this season we have some designs that might surprise you, from the casual Reta and Preema Jumpsuit to the formal and elegant Luella Jumpsuit, for different occasions. There has to be something for you. Come experience the functionality of our exquisite designs.

We sure hope you are excited about summer as much as we are! So what are you waiting for? Come and get ready with us for this golden summer!

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