Our 10 Favourite Summer Cocktails That You Can Make At Home

Our 10 Favourite Summer Cocktails That You Can Make At Home

We are definitely feeling summer vibes and now’s the perfect time for some summer cocktails! This week, we prepared 10 of our favourite summer cocktail recipes for you to enjoy. Not only do they taste good, they certainly look the part as well! The drinks we’ve chosen are all very fresh and fruity, with citrusy notes, perfectly offsetting the heat. Let’s raise our glasses and toast to the summer!

1. Aperol Grapefruit Margarita

Recipe from DomesticateMe

2. Rosé Lemonade Elderflower Sangria

Recipe from SpicesInMyDNA

3. Daiquiri

Recipe from Esquire

4. Sunshine

Recipe from Esquire

5. Strawberry-Basil Bourbon Lemonade

Recipe from LoveAndFlour

6. The Parrot's Grog

Recipe from Esquire

7. Sour Cherry Gin Smash

Recipe from Esquire

8. Summer Sangria with Watermelon and Pineapple

Recipe from WhatTheFork

9. The Malacca Flip

Recipe from Esquire

10. Raspberry Gin Rickey

Recipe from Esquire

Fancy a drink? Have a go at making these simple summery drinks at home! With our mini cocktail guide - anyone can be a bartender! Enjoy your freshly homemade summer cocktails!


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