Top Island Picks

Top Island Picks

Refusing to slip quietly into winter? Denying the certain cold weather approaching? Still in holiday mode? You’ve found your people, welcome! Picture yourself basking in the sun, strolling through bustling cities and exploring remote islands. Why not get ahead of the game and start planning your 2024 island hops with your BFF?! But with so many incredible options around the world, we’re here with the hot pick for you and your bestie to find the island for you. Whether you're looking for relaxation, off-the-beaten-path adventures, or vibrant nightlife we've got just the right destinations for you!

Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

The Galapagos Islands are known for their unique biodiversity and incredible wildlife; from the famous giant tortoises and Iguanas, playful sea lions and rare birds like the blue-footed booby, this island is a real bucket list-er. Explore volcanic landscapes, snorkel among the vibrant marine life like none other and hike through diverse ecosystems. The Galapagos Islands will immerse you in the wonders of nature, truely like nowhere else on Earth.

Ibiza, Spain

If you and your bestie are all about hitting the town, Ibiza is the ultimate party destination. Known for its legendary clubs, electronic music scene and world famous DJs, this Balearic Island attracts party-goers from all over the world for the ultimate girls night out. Dance until dawn at iconic venues like Pacha, Amnesia, or Ushuaïa, and enjoy beach parties that stretch into the early hours. Ibiza's vibrant energy guarantees an unforgettable party experience but alas, there is an oasis to the madness- don’t forget to head to the top of the island to experience the authentic hippie atmosphere and the rugged landscapes too.

Okinawa, Japan

If you and your bestie are looking for a fusion of tropical paradise and vibrant quirkiness, Okinawa is the place to be. This Japanese island offers stunning beaches and crystal-clear waters, but it also has uniquely fun attractions. Visit the colourful Mihama American Village, hire a custom made on street Super Hero Go-Kart, or head straight to the powdery white sand beaches at Yonaha Maehama and get your tan on. Don't miss out on dressing up in traditional Okinawan clothing and join the local festivities and food

Easter Island, Chile

If you and your bestie are fascinated by mysteries and a little adventure, Easter Island is a destination like no other. Explore the iconic moai statues, massive stone figures scattered across the island, and delve into the intriguing history and legends surrounding them with local tour guides. Witness the mesmerising sunrise at Ahu Tongariki, and hike to the volcanic crater of Rano Kau for a breathtaking view. Easter Island will transport you to an otherworldly adventure.

Zanzibar, Tanzania

For besties interested in immersing themselves in a rich cultural experience, Zanzibar is an excellent choice. Located off the coast of Tanzania, this East African island has a fascinating blend of African, Arab, and European influences. Explore Stone Town's narrow alleyways, the must see spice plantations or head for the beautiful oceans. Take a boat to Unguja (the main island in Zanzibar) and find many endangered species you won’t have seen before; including the red colobus monkey and green turtle. Zanzibar's vibrant culture, warm hospitality, and stunning beaches make it a truly unique destination.

From oiling up on the beach and taking shots at a swim up bar to hiking a volcano and searching out endangered animals to eating local delicacies and visiting unique museums; your BFF holiday will be off the charts. The main goal is to make unforgettable memories with the person you hold dearest, this is just your reminder that life is too short to sit on the sofa… get out there and have fun!

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