Spring Cleaning Tips To Refresh Your Wardrobe

Spring Cleaning Tips To Refresh Your Wardrobe

Got time at home and want to do some spring cleaning? Whether it’s just a general tidy up or you need more space for your online shopping, here are 4 ways you can put your old clothes to good use. You can thank us later!



Put aside your favourite designer pieces that you no longer find joy in or have simply worn too many times to be excited about. These pieces can live a second life via digital resell marketplaces where you can consign your pre-loved designer items that you no longer wear. Try local Hong Kong platforms such as HULA, who also have a warehouse you can visit in Wong Chuk Hang, or Vestiaire Collective for international access. Support sustainability whilst bringing in a little extra cash to purchase something new - it’s a win/win!



Have a dress with a fabulous pattern you want to keep but it doesn’t fit anymore? Why not repurpose or upcycle it into something you can still use. There are numerous different websites, like Good Housekeeping and Lifehack, that offer patterns or ideas on how to change something old to new. For example, the dress can be transformed into a throw pillow or into a dress for a toddler…the D.I.Y. ideas are endless!



Give your old clothing a new life by donating it to charities or companies with a CSR programme. H&M take back unwanted clothes through their Garment Collecting Programme and NGO Redress collects via GAP stores or drop boxes - all items are then re-purposed to Rewear, ReUse, Resale or Recycle, meaning none of it goes to landfills. Charities such as Salvation Army will take your clothes to resell in their shops to support its invaluable community programmes. This is a great way to redirect the piece to help those that are less fortunate.



This is not really a way to ‘get rid’ of your old clothes but it does help to clear space in you wardrobe. Store special occasion pieces or swap between a summer and a winter wardrobe with storage specialists that will digitally catalogue and organise all your items in temperature controlled store rooms. In Hong Kong, try PAKT, for the US Garde Robe and UK Vault Couture.


We hope these ideas help. Now you have no excuse to leave that pile of old clothes untouched!

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