Perfecting The Picnic

Perfecting The Picnic

With most restaurants still closed and many governments limiting socialising to the outdoors, the humble picnic has suddenly become our go-to as the perfect get-together activity.


With dining alfresco on the rise, this week we are giving you five top tips to help elevate your lockdown lunch game. From how you serve to the food you pack, here is how to perfect the picnic…


Keep It ComfyIf you are eager to while away a few hours in one of the prettiest spots around then you need to pack some pieces to keep you feeling comfy as time ticks by. A chic blanket is a must have to keep you from ruining your outfit on the grass but, for added luxury, bring floor cushions in bold prints to add colour and cosiness in equal measure.


Ditch The SandwichesFor most of us a picnic is a few sandwiches and a packet of crisps but dining alfresco can instantly be upgraded with the right recipes. Try transforming your experience with a tapas style spread. A cheese board (manchego is always on our list), cured meats, croquettes, olives, sun-dried tomatoes, sour dough bread and dips will keep every guest happy and this low maintenance style finger food is perfect for snacking as you sip on a cocktail.


Put It On IceEven the most epic recipes can be ruined in the sun. Avoid the heat by investing in a stylish cooler – add an ice pack to the bottle and it will keep your food and drink in pristine condition ensuring you can fine dine all afternoon.


Mix It Up We’re more than happy with a gin in a tin when it comes to a refreshing alcoholic sip, but for those looking to up their game then it’s all about a pre-mixed cocktail. With lockdown upon us many artisan mixology brands and bars are creating their own delicious bottled options. All you need to do is add ice, mix and you’ll instantly be transported to your favourite cocktail lounge. Tom Savano cocktails have some of the chicest bottles around whilst we are in love with the innovative design of Nio cocktails – both will add some drama and flair to your drinks.


Cheat!If the food prep is putting you off a picnic then give a pre-packed option a try. Many restaurants are now offering takeaways with food perfectly wrapped for park consumption. Not only is it the easy way to have a chic lunch, you’ll be supporting local businesses who will be incredibly grateful for your custom after these trying months.


Now you know how to keep your picnic game strong, let’s look at what you should be wearing. Here’s our top picks for mastering lunch in the sun…

Keep It Cool – With temperatures rising choosing a loose dress that will let your skin breathe is the perfect choice for relaxing in the sun. Our Maria Dress is a must-have for those looking to avoid overheating without compromising on your fashion credentials.

Move Freely – We love a mini dress but when you want to sit cross legged on a picnic blanket it can make for some complicated manoeuvring. Avoid any accidental flashes by opting for a cute playsuit instead. Our Jasmine Romper is perfect for those who long to lounge.

Cover-up Chic – Getting in those rays in is always fun, but UV is damaging to the skin so keeping yourself covered as the sun heats up is important for your wellbeing. Our Amina Skirt is ideal for those who want to keep their pins shielded in a cool, style-forward way.


As we all seek to do our best to help the pandemic subside, we hope these tips help you to make the most of a socially distanced picnic. Until we can dine inside a restaurant again, park lunch is here to keep you feeling connected.

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