Day Dreamer, Night Thinker! Five Tips to Help You Sleep Well

Day Dreamer, Night Thinker! Five Tips to Help You Sleep Well

During these turbulent times getting enough sleep can prove tricky, especially when those anxious thoughts keep your mind whirling. To help you drift off in style, this week we are sharing our top tips on boosting your bedtime.


Here’s five things you can do to help you drift off and catch those all important ZZZZZ’s.


Stop Scrolling

With the news cycle running overtime to keep up with the pandemic and everyone living on social media, it can be easy to become glued to your phone. However, constant device usage can hinder your sleep greatly. The blue light triggers your brain and encourages it to stay awake, not to mention the constant bombardment of stories and updates only seeks to amplify your stress levels – a combination guaranteed to ruin your slumber! Put your phone away for at least two hours before you head to bed to give your mind time to rest and prepare for when you hit the pillow. If you cannot resist picking up your phone, then try charging it in another room and use an alarm clock to help reduce temptation.


Stretch It Out

Working from home hunched over a laptop during the day and then over doing it with YouTube workouts every night? It’s no surprise that many of us are suffering from tense and tight muscles which can stop you from falling asleep. To help ease your body through lockdown, try some light stretching exercises before you lie down. Simple yoga movements like downward dog, baby cobra and even child’s pose can help you to get limber before you put your pyjamas on.  A foam roller is also the perfect way to edge out those aches and pains.


Cut The Caffeine

Now takeaway coffee shops are open, many of us are running to pick up the perfect flat white for that dose of delicious normality. However, whilst a latte may be the ideal way to charge your day, it is also filled with caffeine which can leave you feeling wired and jittery – neither of which help you to drift off. Cut out coffee and other caffeinated beverages by 3pm to help your body get back to its natural state before bedtime and you will be able to discover the land of nod without any niggles.


Melatonin Magic

For those really struggling to get their 8 hours of rest, then melatonin supplements could be an option. Available over the counter, Melatonin is a hormone made in your body that signals to your brain when it is time to sleep and wake up. Melatonin levels start rising when it gets dark out, causing you to get sleepy, and drop in the morning, when it is time for you to wake up. When taking as a supplement, it can help you to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. Whilst it is not a long-term solution, we are living in rather unprecedented times and for a quick fix, they could be a great support for those seeking to establish a better sleep routine.


Chill Out

Many sleep experts say the perfect slumber conditions resemble a cave – cold, dark and quiet. Whilst we are not asking you to compromise on your interior design vision, turning down the temperature of your surroundings could be key. Essentially, you want your room to be cool, but your body to be warm. Open a window, turn down your thermostat or run a fan and then pile on the thicker PJs or layer up the blankets to keep your temperature regulated. Cosy but chill – the perfect combination.


Now you know how you can improve your slumber, it is time to use these tricks of the trade to shed the lockdown stress and drift off in style.

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