Throwing Shade Like It’s Sunny - How To Pick The Perfect Pair Of Frames For You

Throwing Shade Like It’s Sunny - How To Pick The Perfect Pair Of Frames For You

We love the summer season, but nothing ruins your SS20 look than squinting into the sun! Adding a cool pair of shades is the ultimate way to upgrade your style and keep safe from the rays, but how do you know which sunglasses shape will suit you? 

Whether it’s round, aviator, butterfly, wayfarer, cat eye or square – there are so many options!

We know the #EmmaWallaceWoman looks good in whatever she chooses, but this week we’re giving you some tops tips on finding the perfect pair for you!

Face Shape

The shape of your face is one of the most important things governing which style of sunglasses will suit you.

  • If you have an oval face then you’re one of the lucky ones as almost any type of frame will suit you, just avoid very narrow styles which could make your face look longer.
  • If you’ve got a round face then step away from rounder frames – they will only make your face look wider. Try square frames which will help to sharpen your contours or asymmetrical forms (those narrower at the bottom) which can help define and add contrast.
  • If you’re more of a heart shape (meaning your forehead and cheeks are wider with a narrow, slightly pointed chin) then sunglasses are perfect for creating some balance between the two areas. For this face shape, aviator or round styles are perfect for softening the chin without over-emphasising the forehead. Cat eye shapes can also help to balance you out perfectly.
  • Finally, if your face has a square feel to it (i.e. your forehead, cheeks and jaw all have a similar width) then round sunglasses and aviators are an ideal way to add curves. Butterfly and cat eye sunglasses also work well on these shapes. Avoid square frames which will add severity to your dimensions and make you look harsher.

Face Width

Many people wear sunglasses that are too wide for their face, which produces a bug like appearance. The narrower your face, the narrower the frames need to be! If you’re struggling to work this out then measure the width of your face (go straight across don’t hug the contours)and compare it to the overall frame width (or the lens and bridge width if you can’t find it).

Face Length

If you have a long face, then you need to pick glasses with longer lenses – short ones will only make your face look even longer. Likewise, the shorter your face, the shorter the frames. Check out the frame length. Not sure whether your face is long or short? Measure the length and then the width of your face. If the width of your face multiplied by 1.5 is still less than the length then you have a longer face.

What’s Your Statement?

Whilst these face shape and dimension rules apply, for many of us, sunglasses are about making a statement and complimenting our look! If you’re looking to nod to nostalgia, then cat eye shapes are the perfect vintage twist. Want to add an edge to your outfit? Then Aviators are guaranteed to give you that effortless cool factor, just throw on a leather jacket and you’re good to go. Oversized sunnies can add some serious luxe to your look whilst heart shaped add a playful touch and show off your fun side. Rules were made to be broken, so if you love committing to a vibe just go for it! 

Keeping Safe

Whilst we always want to look good, remember shades are also key for keeping you safe. With this in mind, make sure your frames are as broad as your face at the temples. This will stop light leaking in from the sides. The frames need to cover the entire eye so that light cannot shine in from above. Oh, and remember to check the UV number. Always look for a CE, UV 400 or British Standard Mark. This ensures your sunglasses provide adequate UV protection.

We hope these handy tips give you a guide on finding the perfect pair for you! Now you know what will suit you, head on over to shop our Carla Colour collection and get ready to throw that shade. 

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