How To Boost Your Mood & Kick Start The Season In Style

How To Boost Your Mood & Kick Start The Season In Style

You survived January and that deserves a round of applause!

With lockdowns running rife and chaos all around, we know the Emma Wallace Woman is craving some mood boosting tips so she can kick start February in style.

Whether you’re a wellness guru or prefer a gin & tonic to help sooth you, these easy and healthy methods will help you shine with positivity. We’re in this together and united we will thrive!


Studies have found that the ‘fake it to make it’ approach also applies to happiness. Putting on a smile (even if it’s fake or forced) can make you feel better. It wishfully promotes happiness and has been found to lower heart rate levels to reduce stress. Whether you need to watch your favourite comedy on Netflix, call a friend to tell you a joke or simply stand in front of the mirror to manufacture a smile, the act alone will help your body heal itself, leaving you feeling ready to embrace the good.

Snap Out Of The Snooze

We’re all guilty of slamming on the snooze button in the morning when the alarm starts blaring, but that extra 15 minutes in bed could be doing you more harm than good when it comes to your mood. Whilst it feels good physically, that snoozing feels as if you are breaking your promise to yourself to get up at a certain time, which means your self-esteem takes a hit. On the flipside, if you get up as planned, you instantly feel as if you’ve conquered a goal and started the day off right. So next time you’re reaching to switch that alarm off, remember how positive you’ll feel if you just bounce out of bed on time.

Tidy Home, Tidy Mind

Clutter can be chaos for your mood. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, an easy way to gain some control and to embrace positivity is to rid your home of mess to create a space that brings calm and contentment. Whether you’re aware of it or not, your physical space dramatically affects you so be sure to plan your purge and embrace the Marie Kondo way of life. Does it spark joy? If not, it must go!

Get Generous With Gratitude

If you find yourself in need of a lift, then showing your gratitude to others could be a quick way to do just that. Next time you’re feeling low, pick a friend or family member in your contacts list and send them a message telling them how much you appreciate them. Not only will you make someone else’s day, you’ll switch on your mood to a happier one by focusing on the good in your life. They may even send one back which will boost you even further.

Create A Happiness Album

Feeling down? Create your own mood boosting album on your phone filled with photos of you and your loved ones having the best time. When you need to perk yourself up, open the album and spend 10 minutes reminiscing about those wonderful memories. You’ll finish feeling uplifted. Remember, this current climate isn’t forever, and it won’t be long before you can reinact those fun times with your friends and family once more. Hang in there!

Now you know how to give yourself a stylish boost for the season, why not put these mood enhancing tips into practice? Oh, and for an extra dose of happiness, a new outfit always makes us feel better. Don’t forget to check out our end of season sale to bag yourself some looks guaranteed to make you smile.

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