Get Ready To Slumber In Style with The Launch Of ‘Emma Silk’ - Top Tips For A Good Night’s Sleep

Get Ready To Slumber In Style with The Launch Of ‘Emma Silk’ - Top Tips For A Good Night’s Sleep

We’re so excited to unveil the launch of Emma Silk – a capsule collection of luxury loungewear for the bedroom and beyond. Crafted in 100% pure silk satin, the NEW range of PJs, slips, kimono dressing gowns and eye masks are here to upgrade your lie ins!

Designed exclusively by Emma Wallace herself, the collection features three iconic prints from the brand archives with a set to suit every slumber style.

For those who favour florals, the rich green Kiku Set draws inspiration from the Japanese chrysanthemum whilst the Papaver Set uses the wild poppy as a modern-day muse. Go for geometrics? Then the Cassia Set with its pretty pink hues is a true hero.

Satisfyingly soft, these indulgent additions to your wardrobe are ready to add a dose of luxury to your lockdown look. With contemporary cuts, these dreamy designs double up as lust-worthy loungewear that will see you win best-dressed on any zoom call (just add statement earrings) and will even carry you through to set the social scene alight (when we are allowed to return to our favourite restaurants and bars). Simply add heels and a clutch and you’ve got a co-ord with serious style clout.

Emma adds: “When the pandemic first hit I was working from home whilst raising my new baby daughter. I needed pieces that I felt comfortable in all day but didn’t compromise on style if I had to jump on a Zoom call or rush to the supermarket. Sweatpants left me feeling frumpy and unpolished, whilst silk gave me that little dose of luxury that I needed to help me feel my best – even when lockdown life got tough. Realising my love for premium PJs that not only felt amazing but could be dressed up for any occasion, I knew I had to create a line so that every woman could dream in decadence – whether they’re sleeping or building their career from their kitchen table. The prints pack a punch and are some of my favourites from my ready to wear collections.”

Priced from £36 to £275, the Emma Silk collection is ready to help you drift off in style.

Whilst upgrading your bedroom attire is the perfect way to set the scene for a more peaceful slumber, we know some of our Emma Wallace women are still struggling to drift off. With that in mind, here are five easy tips to transform your sleep for the better.

  • Strike A Pose – what you do before bed is almost as important as what you do in bed when it comes to sleeping well. Doing some gentle yoga before you climb under the duvet is the perfect way to ease your mind and body into slumber. The National Centre for Complementary and Integrative Health noted that 55% of those who practice yoga had better sleep and 85% felt less stressed. Trying out some restorative poses before bed will instantly increase your levels of relaxation.

  • Run A Bath – taking a warm bath or shower before bed will help to relax your body and get it ready to drift off. Studies show that this practice will help to lower your heart rate and ease tension ensuring you feel soothed and ready for sleep.

  • Create A Cave – cold, dark and quiet are the trio you’re aiming for when it comes to cultivating the perfect sleep environment. Open a window, turn off your heating, install black out blinds – whatever you need to make your bedroom optimal for getting those Z’s.

  • Ditch Your Phone - The blue light emitted from the screen of your phone can suppress the production of melatonin which is essential for sleep. Tech devices stimulate your bran and disrupt your circadian rhythms which can ruin your sleep patterns. Switch off for a few hours before you head to bed and you’ll instantly feel the difference.

  • Follow The Twenty Minute Rule – if you tend to lie in bed panicking about your lack of sleep your mind can begin to associate bedtime with stress. If it feels as if you have been lying there for 20 minutes (try not to clock watch) then get out of bed and go do something relaxing elsewhere. Only return to bed when you feel sleepy. This will hopefully disassociate that tossing and turning feeling from your room and ease you into a healthier sleep pattern.

Now you know how to boost your sleep, it’s time to upgrade your nightwear and get ready to make the most of those evenings. Slip in to silk and get ready to dream in decadence.

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