Five Warrior Women To Watch

Five Warrior Women To Watch

The #EmmaWallaceWoman is always ready to change the game and, this week, we’re rounding up five warrior woman who are doing just that!

Read on to discover more about the women who are inspiring us to do things differently and achieve our potential…

Dame Helena Morrissey

One of THE most influential women in the UKs financial sector, Morrissey was named in the Queen’s Honours List. Known best for founding the 30% Club which launched as a campaign in 2010 with a goal of achieving a minimum of 30% women on FTSE -100 Boards. So far the 30% Club has increased this percentage to 27% (up by 12.5%), which is an incredible feat. For all of you budding businesswomen, Dame Helena is a hero for championing equal opportunities in the boardroom!

Sandra Oh

Since Grey’s Anatomy, Oh has come a household name, but her role in Killing Eve has propelled her to a new level of fame and quickly made her the first Asian woman to receive two Golden Globes. Consistently playing characters that challenge racial stereotypes, Sandra is breaking boundaries and opening doors for other Asian actors to walk through. In an industry renowned for a lack of diversity, Sandra is a trail blazer and we can’t wait to see what she does next.

Lisa Borders

As the first-ever president and CEO of Time’s Up, the organization that helps fight workplace harassment and injustice, Lisa Borders is making our lives better by redefining the power relationship between men and women. As the granddaughter of civil rights leader Rev. William Borders, Borders says that iconic movement informs her work today: “Often it’s one step forward and two back. But it’s a journey worth taking.” We couldn’t be more grateful for the incredible campaigning work she delivers!

Dina Asher-Smith

If anyone can give you a masterclass in how to achieve your goals, it’s Dina Asher-Smith. The hyper-focused, fashion-loving 23-year-old overcame injury to be named the world’s fastest woman last year, winning three gold medals at the 2018 European Championships. Praised for her positive attitude and sporting prowess, she has fast become the new poster girl for British athletics.

Alison Rose

Odds are on Alison to become the CEO of RBS, a move that will make her the first female boss of one of the Big Four banks! Following her appointment as deputy CEO of NatWest Holdings in December, Rose has used her position to continuously help other women. In March, her review of female entrepreneurship revealed the barriers women face and stated that closing the gender gap would contribute a massive £250 billion to the UK economy. As a result, the government has set a target to help 600,000 female entrepreneurs by 2030. Alison is one woman who is taking other women with her as she climbs to new heights!

With these five women ready to empower your week, we challenge you to go out and show off your own warrior spirit!

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