5 Beauty Entrepreneurs Who Started Their Businesses From Home

5 Beauty Entrepreneurs Who Started Their Businesses From Home

Whilst we may be missing our normal routines, working from home does give us more time to reassess our current job roles and whether they fulfil our true passion. For many of us, that means daydreaming about the day we can kick start our own business and become our own boss.

If you’re longing to switch up your career then check out these 5 women who did just that, taking their beauty business idea from a home side hustle to a global success.

We hope it gives you the motivation you need to end the week feeling uplifted and ready to take on the world!

Maria Hatzistefanis – Rodial

In 1999, Maria Hatzistefanis had a lightbulb moment - she wanted to create skincare products that addressed specific consumer concerns, from dark circles to large pores. Maria was a newbie to entrepreneurship and the beauty production space, but she knew she had a great concept. She spent over a year researching and acquainting herself with the industry before bootstrapping and launching Rodial which, over the past 2 decades, has grown into a $90 million operation, with products sold across 35 countries. When it comes to sharing her advice, Maria cited that a thick skin and self-confidence are key!

Believe in yourself, your ideas, your hopes and your dreams. It’s not meant to be easy, there is going to be something waiting for you at every corner to try and bring you down, you need to have a really thick skin to succeed in the luxury market. The competition is always fierce, so ensure that you have faith in your ideas and yourself.”

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Cashmere Nicole – Beauty Bakerie

Cashmere was a struggling single mother who was juggling her nine-to-five job and family life all whilst battling breast cancer when she started her beauty side business. Starting in her kitchen, Beauty Bakerie, the cruelty-free cosmetics and beauty brand, is now sold in over 100 countries worldwide. Stepping outside of your comfort zone is key for Nicole.

"You can only find the things you're most passionate about by exploring, by trying things. If we aren't trying, we aren't giving ourselves the best shot at finding that one thing that you'll enjoy doing.”

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Lisa Price – Carol’s Daughter 

For Lisa, it all began in 1993 as a hobby – creating essential oil-based perfumes and body products in her kitchen using DIY recipes. Seeing her passion, Lisa’s mother, Carol encouraged her to sell her products at a local flea market. When she sold out of everything, she knew she had something! Selling at craft fairs and out of her apartment, the incredible products quickly built up a huge fan base and grew from there, with major stores like Target and Ulta stocking the brand. Celebrity fans including Jada Pinkett Smith (who also became one of the companies' earliest investors) Halle Berry and Mary J. Blige all added prestige. After having built a successful company from the ground up, in 2014 Price sold Carol’s Daughter to beauty giant L’Oréal. Now in its 27th year, Lisa explains why it is important to dream big.

“I started so small, and very organically. My vision was always let it just keep being more. So, every time I would hit a certain milestone, I felt like the universe was giving me permission to dream bigger.”

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Alyson Hogg – Vita Liberata

After leaving drama college early, Hogg worked as a fashion model in Dublin for 2 years and then as a presenter and producer for the BBC and UTV. At 39 with three children, running a country guest house and doing a philosophy degree she found herself completely broke. She began supplementing her income by selling food supplements on Sky Shopping and quickly spotted a gap for multi-active skincare. She began making skincare, but it was in 2007 when her pale Irish friends asked her if she could make a better self-tan that she hit on something truly unique. Hogg made it her mission to fix all the bad connotations associated with self-tan to create a viable alternative to sun exposure. Vita Liberata’s incredible tanning and sun care line sells in over 26 countries and was sold to a US pharmaceutical firm in a deal thought to be worth up to £27m. Alyson was even awarded an MBE in 2019. Alyson credits positivity as being key to success.

"I did not stand for negativity or naysayers - questioners and challengers, yes, naysayers, and energy suckers, no. In fact, we have banned the word 'no' from the company.”

So even with times being difficult, now is the time to look at the positives and grow from there!

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Wendee Lee – Biconi

Biconi’s journey began when Wendee Lee’s father was diagnosed with colon cancer in 2008. To help him fight skin infections and hair loss, Wendee started making soap bars infused with homemade noni enzyme from the medicinal, antioxidant fruit found in her family-owned farm. Used in traditional Malay medicine for centuries, Wendee launched Biconi which uses noni as the key ingredient, as well as other native Southeast Asian ingredients such as virgin coconut oil in the products. Fuelled by demand, Lee realised the potential of Biconi and quit her advertising job, took soap-making classes and obtained an Advanced Diploma in Organic Cosmetic Science. Whilst Wendee’s journey has been impressive, she is quick to note it was not easy.

“Starting a new business in this hyper competitive industry is an uphill struggle, especially in Asia, where conglomerate beauty brands can afford to pay top dollar for maximum exposure. Biconi goes against the grain. Instead of advertising, we focus on getting the products into our customers’ hands so that they can experience the product’s effectiveness and generate interest through word of mouth.”

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With so many amazing founders to inspire you, why not let your imagination run wild and see what business you’d long to run…

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