Fashion ABC: Winter Edition

Fashion ABC: Winter Edition

Winter is here and we have just swapped out our summer wardrobe for cozy chunky wintery items - and it’s time for another edition for our Fashion ABC series. Read on and find out what our essentials are to survive this coming deep winter.


The first item of course is a no-brainer - turtlenecks! We realise that winter is very different for different countries - some cities could be snowing while others will only be a little breezy. But a trusty turtleneck can definitely help you get through the climate. Depending on the temperature, you can layer up or down with a turtleneck and most importantly it keeps your neck warm - trust us, it makes a huge difference! Here we are only talking about the thin ones instead of the thick chunky knitted turtlenecks - it can act as an under-garment for any other layer on top such as a shirt or a jumper, or be worn just as is if the temperature is warmer where you are.

(Featuring from left to right: Rou Top and Carly Skirt, Noelle Top with red Kiu Skirt and Tsang Cardi, black Cinder Top)

Leather Jacket

Ah! It’s the season for leather jackets again - we are super excited! Leather jackets have become a universally flattering item and is a staple in all of our wardrobes. Think this item is just for the hardcore rocker girl? You’d be wrong. Not only does it make an edgy outfit even edgier - it balances out a girly outfit just as well. For those of you who love some rock and roll or motorbikes in your life, just wear it with practically anything you own - denim jeans, jumpsuits, little black dresses… But for those classy ladies out there, this item surely suits you as well. Just drape it over any of your dresses - your look will instantly have more texture and dimension!

(Featured from left to right: Nou Top, Ya Dress


Who else here loves to cozy up in a chunky jumper like us? Wearing your favourite jumper in the cold winter always feels so satisfying. We secretly want to wear our blankets and duvets out, unfortunately we can’t… But then jumpers are always here to the rescue! There is just an odd but reassuring sense of security when wearing our jumpers out wrapped up warm. This season, we have reimagined our signature Cam Jumper in a new colour - Navy! On the left. We’ve paired it with our muted mustard Lee Mini Skirt for a subtle pop of contrast. Monochrome looks are so chic, we have just the right tips on how to find your monochromatic style! On the right, we’ve chosen our red Sienna Trouser and our Cam Jumper in red for a monochromatic look. Don’t forget to tie it down with some earth-toned accessories, such as snake-skin boots and a chocolate brown Fedora.

(Featured from left to right: navy Cam Jumper with Lee Mini Skirt, red Cam Jumper with Sienna Trouser)

Wide Leg Trousers

If you are deadly afraid of the cold, wide leg trousers will be your best friend! You can layer some thermal leggings underneath your trousers and no one will be able to tell. Not only do these trousers hide your little trick, they actually trap heat more effectively than skinny jeans! Did we mention, wide leg trousers in different cuts are the new jeans right now, so it has definitely made it onto our list for our winter essentials! Here we’ve chosen our new Kate Trouser from our Holiday ‘19 Collection. It ranges from navy, white to sequins - daytime, night-time and party-time… all occasions covered!

(Featured from left to right: navy Kate Trouser with Kaili Mac, white Kate Trouser with Lien Shirt and Carla Colour BARTON Indigo + Nightshades Sunglasses)

Thick Statement Coat

How could we forget about a thick statement coat? I believe most people will practically live in a thick coat in winter. Why not make it a statement with bold colours? A thick overcoat can not only keep you warm, it also pull your whole look together and instantly makes it more sophisticated. This statement piece can be your everyday gal pal but also when you need to attend a Christmas party, it will be a great classy option for whatever party pieces you are wearing underneath.

(Featuring from left to right: So Coat with Na Top and Mai Trouser, Bailey Coat with Tuyen Jumpsuit)

Do you own any items from our list? Don’t forget to stay warm and stay chic! Let’s experiment this winter - go on a style adventure with us!

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