The #EmmaWallaceInsidersGuide To - Find Your Monochrome Style

The #EmmaWallaceInsidersGuide To - Find Your Monochrome Style

Seasons come and go, and Pantone colours change every year; but black will always be the ‘new black’, and white will always be the ‘new white’. Name a more iconic duo - we’ll wait. Stylish and impactful, the Yin and Yang that fits everybody and are staples in every wardrobe. Today, follow us as we tackle the age old question of how to elevate monochrome style - as an #EmmaWallaceWoman.

1. Accessorising Is Key

When it comes to monochrome outfits, accessories are key. Do not underestimate the power of what a little ring or a thin belt can do. When the colour palette is muted, accessories can make a huge difference - take it to the next level by adding gold or silver accents. 

We love cropped tops - it’s all cheeky midriff galore with our range of cropped cuts! Our Zia Top does a fabulous job of accentuating your shoulders, together with high-waisted Nala Cropped Trousers perfectly complimenting the leggy you. Our white Neema Top shows off your sexy collarbones - don’t forget to keep it classy with a flowy white Lulu Skirt. When the conventional pinstripes aren’t enough for you, our dazzling Eugenie Skirt and edgy Yen Top sure exude power; an instant head-turner!

2. One-piece Made Easy

We would never tell you to stop wearing your colourful wardrobe, but you can equally highlight your personality with clean shapes and lines. A one-piece is one of the easiest items to start with when finding your monochrome style - not only is it comfortable to wear, you will instantly look very put-together too! It creates a seamless, powerful look effortlessly drawing attention to your figure.

For an elegant ballroom moment, we chose our asymmetrical Noel Dress for you to zig-zag your way through the dancefloor and subtly show off your legs; top it off with clean, pointy heels and a matching clutch.

Feeling chic for your downtown coffee run? With colourful accents at the hem, our Jina Dress and some slim thigh-highs make for a refreshing ensemble. Sleek black tote in one hand, fresh brew in the other - you’ll instantly stand out amongst all the other caffeine addicts!

To get you feeling like a floral princess this summer - this crisp Reta Jumpsuit is giving us major gardenia vibes! Pair it with some earth-toned accessories and channel your inner flower child!

3. Versatile Item - One Style Fits All

On our monochromatic theme, you might come to ask: what’s the ONE item that affords you maximum versatility? This holy grail number needs to achieve one of the philosophies we have continually preached: ‘one item, multiple looks’. So what comes to our minds? White trousers: elegant, timeless and versatile. The one investment piece we recommend is our Amala Trousers.

Now, let us ease your fears of creating really boring looks with Yin-Yang colour-blocking. Let’s dive into three sharp looks with our Amala Trousers:

Channel your inner mid-Western cowgirl: dress down our Jenna Top with a felt trilby hat, cowboy boots and earth-toned accessories. 

Ready to lounge away in a relaxing bar? Throw on some fuss-free accessories atop our Neema Top, styled here with a baker boy hat and furry sliders - who says you can’t be both comfy and stylish?

Dressier occasions demand the Zuri Shirt, and no art gallery visit is complete without some strappy heels and a matching clutch!


Inspired much? If you are a true black and white lover, try out some of these outfits, master this art and start living like a monochrome queen!

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