Chinese Traditions & How to Dress For It

Chinese Traditions & How to Dress For It

Chinese New Year is right around the corner and we are so excited! We believe that a set of new clothes from head to toe symbolises a new start and fresh hopes for the New Year. The Chinese usually wear red or other bright-coloured clothes on New Year's Day in line with the festive and lively mood. This week we are looking into Chinese New Year traditions and how to dress accordingly, in style. Read below for the 5 most common practices for Chinese New Year!

1. Chinese New Year Markets

Just like Christmas in the West, seasonal markets will be set up during Chinese New Year to sell Chinese snacks, clothing, flowers and traditional decorations such as red banners, lanterns and firecrackers. The bright floral-printed Mai Trousers will add a joyful festive touch, while the Red Baylie Coat will keep you warm and snug out in the cold - a perfect combination in tune with the upcoming celebrations! Throw on a pair of comfy flats and you’re all set to cover a lot of ground when shopping for the New Year.

2. Cleaning and Decoration 

Image: @jesselauzon

Just before Chinese New Year, most people will clean and tidy their homes thoroughly, which symbolises the idea of ‘out with the old and in with the new.’ Traditional decorations will then be put up to welcome the New Year, mostly in red, the popular ones being lanterns, different types of flowers, upside down ‘fu’, and ‘dui lian’ - such items are all considered to bring good luck and fortune for the upcoming year. 

When doing all the new year chores, you want to feel comfortable yet stylish and we have just the perfect outfit for that! Move freely in our comfy Denyse Trousers when cleaning those stubborn stains - pair it up with a festive red Cam Jumper and you’re ready to welcome a stylish New Year ahead!

3. Firework and Firecrackers 

What is Chinese New Year without fireworks? People light up fireworks during the new year in hope of driving away evil spirits and a mythical beast called Nian. It is believed that during the new year, Nian would eat all livestock in the villages but firecrackers and fireworks can scare Nian away. So in modern times, we celebrate the New Year with firework displays and we sure would want to dress chic to welcome the upcoming year. Here we have the An Jumpsuit creating a long and lean figure - wear it with our beautifully embroidered Vinh Jacket for that extra traditional touch.

4. Red Packets

Red packets are given by adults, usually married couples, to children during Chinese New Year gatherings. The money inside the red packets is believed to be lucky and represents best wishes. In Chinese culture, red is a lucky colour and has the ability to drive evil away. So, wearing something bright will help celebrate this jolly season and that is why we’ve picked out the bold Lucienne Dress. If you want to tone it down a notch, match it with a casual white Tanya Tee to keep the look more daytime-friendly.

5. New Year's Eve Reunion Dinner 

Just like Thanksgiving and Christmas, Chinese New Year is a time for people around the country to go home to their families and on New Year’s eve, family and friends will gather up and have a big reunion feast. Dumplings are an important staple food in northern Chinese culture and is believed to bring prosperity in the upcoming year. How do you stay classy but at the same time, make extra room for those delicious pork dumplings when attending the feast? Wear something comfortable like our Adalie Top and Thanh Skirt - as you will be going home with a full tummy. This would be the perfect outfit for the occasion!

So are you all set for the Year of the Pig? We can’t wait for the year ahead of us and let us welcome this coming year together in style!


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