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Ancient greek philosophy brought to life in the modern world. Liberate is the first of a four-part series about "L.O.V.E".

'Liberate' embodies the concept of "self love”, the key foundation of all the different types of Love. It reinforces the idea that when one truly loves oneself, they are more equipped to authentically love others and fully enjoy all the different types of love.

The 'Liberate' edit introduces captivating pieces that celebrate self-love and the embracing of one's true self. Highlights include the Lo midi skirt, Thalia dress, and Felicia Jumpsuit, all crafted from 100% silk with digitally-printed Hathor and Hathor Noir designs. Named after the Egyptian goddess of love and guardian of women, these garments radiate both elegance and strength. The Aella Coat, a minimalist design made from soft cream wool, perfectly complements the collection's empowering theme.