Why Being Kind Never Goes Out Of Style

Why Being Kind Never Goes Out Of Style

Did you know that today is Random Acts of Kindness Day? This annual moment was put in place to help make the world a better place by spreading a little light around, with a mission to make kindness a part of our everyday lives. 

So, whether you want to lift someone up with your words or generosity, remember that even the simplest acts can help to brighten someone’s day. 

Read on as we reveal FIVE ways you can show some kindness to those around you…

Compliments Count 

Random Acts Of Kindness Day Emma Wallace UK

The quickest way you can make someone feel good? Give them a compliment! Whether it’s that you like their super chic outfit, or that you love their laugh – sharing those opinions will instantly lift anyone’s day. Pay a compliment to a stranger on your commute or what’s app a loved one out of the blue. Random moments where you can spread the love is what it’s all about! 

Send Them Something Sweet 

Random Acts Of Kindness Day Emma Wallace UKWe all love a surprise gift, don’t we? Receiving something unexpected gives us that giddy feeling and makes us feel so loved. Why not show a random act of kindness by sending your bestie a box of her favourite chocolates? A parcel arriving out of the blue is so special! Want to take it a step further? Why not send them your favourite look from our website and see their eyes light up in an instant as they unwrap an outfit they’ll treasure forever. 

Pay It Forward

Random Acts Of Kindness Day Emma Wallace UKPopping to your favourite coffee shop? Why not pay for the person behind you whilst you’re tapping your card to pay for your own latte? When they reach the till and find out that a stranger has bought them a coffee, they’ll be overwhelmed by your kindness. Introduce yourself so they can thank you – who knows, it could be the start of something beautiful! 

Write It Down

Random Acts Of Kindness Day Emma Wallace UKNothing quite beats a love letter when it comes to brightening our day. Old fashioned but effortlessly chic, seeing how someone feels about us in writing is a guaranteed mood boost. Why not send someone you love a note explaining why you admire them and how they inspire you. The perfect piece of post to uplift us on Random Acts of Kindness Day. 

Smile In Style 

Random Acts Of Kindness Day Emma Wallace UKWant to make kindness spread? Then it’s all in a smile. We can so often rush around that we forget to engage with those we pass. Next time you are out, make sure you pop a smile on your face and deliver some serious eye contact with those you encounter. You’ll be surprised at how lifted those around you feel just from seeing you grin at them! After all, smiling is infectious. 

Now you know how to showcase some random acts of kindness, we’re here to give you a little taste too! Head to our website and use code KIND10 to get 10% off any full price item*. The perfect gift to spread some happiness.

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