Boost Your Mood This Season With Our NEW Edit

Boost Your Mood This Season With Our NEW Edit

Fashion has always been a form of self-expression, but this season, we’re inviting our wardrobes to step up and deliver some much-needed self-care.

Introducing the ‘Dopamine High’ edit - an empowering and uplifting collection designed to deliver a look that will take your happiness to new heights.  

After a difficult year, Emma sought to create a collection that could provide natural pain relief and lift her mood. The result? An edit filled with strength inspired styles, powered by happy colours and dopamine inducing details.

Emma expands on the inspiration behind the collection:

Emma Wallace

“I designed this season last summer while I was visiting the U.K.  This trip was supposed to be filled with exciting and memory making firsts – my first trip since Covid, the first-time seeing family and friends in years and, the first time my parents would be meeting my beautiful daughter, who was nearly two years old! The first couple of months were amazing, filled with loving reunions. However, in May everything changed. My father was diagnosed with Stage 4 Glioblastoma – a very aggressive form of brain cancer. One of those curve balls you never see coming! I was left feeling overwhelmed and devastated. 

Design became my escape but, when I set about creating this collection, I simply couldn’t pick a theme. I knew I just needed to build something that could bring me comfort and give me the strength to cope. As my Dad went for treatment, I delved into brain health and wanted to understand my own biology. I discovered everything I could about neurochemicals and how dopamine, oxytocin and endorphins play a role in helping you to feel happy. Natural pain killers you might say. This led me on to discover more about colour therapy and the power the right shade can have on lifting your mood and inspiring a new outlook. Whilst the design process started out with a somewhat selfish intention - to make myself happy and take care of my own mental health, I realised that a collection filled with positivity would benefit everyone. I know the Emma Wallace Woman is strong and capable, but sometimes we need that extra support to make it through the hard times. I hope this collection provides the dopamine high and self-care support we can all benefit from this spring/summer.”


The edit draws on some of Emma’s own design favourites to bring in a sense of warming nostalgia. Classic silhouettes are reimagined in popping prints (Talitha and Romani join the roster) and high-energy hues set to inspire a smile, boost energy and maximise your mood.

Dopamine Edit Emma Wallace UK

These feel-good pieces are built to mix and match to create a look that makes you feel like you can conquer any challenge life throws at you. Designed for the woman who likes her outfits to deliver an added layer of armour.

Dopamine Edit Emma Wallace UK

The edit kicks off with the ‘Dopamine’ drop, but keep your eyes peeled for the ‘High’ edit which will land in the heart of summer.  Empowering and uplifting, this upcoming drop, filled with heady citrus colourways and a brand NEW print called Florence, will help you have the intention to smash the summer in style, brimming with the confidence to find new ways out of your comfort zone so you can reach the very peak of your potential.

Discover the edit and don’t forget to share your spring style by tagging us in @emmawallacedesigner. 

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