What to Wear on a Lazy Day

What to Wear on a Lazy Day

Ever had one of those days when you just don’t want to get off the bed or dress up? When you feel like wearing your favourite sweater out, but worry that you might look like you just came from the gym? So you want to look chic without putting in too much effort. We’ve put together some ideas for you - what to wear on a lazy day. You will be shocked at how these items match perfectly with all kinds of flats.

1. Jumpsuits & Rompers

First off, let’s start with some jumpsuits and rompers! They are basically a top and a bottom combined...easy. You don’t have to think about what to pair with what, or whether the combo works. We have some laid-back options, such as our Reta Jumpsuit in white and Preema Jumpsuit in navy for that relaxed feeling. For some dressier options, we have our Alice Romper and Jasmine Romper, giving you that extra va-va-voom with our exclusively designed print. 

2. Loose & Flowy Items

For those lazy days, you might want to avoid wearing something tight: maxi skirts and boxy shorts are your best friend! Our flowy Lulu Skirt allows you to move freely without any restrictions, whilst retaining a romantic silhouette. We always get that sweet girly-twirly feeling wearing our maxi skirts!

For those who prefer shorter skirts, we have our Ariyah Skirt to help you fight those days in style. Designed in the vibrant blue bird print, this asymmetric skirt is so fun but also super comfortable to wear.

Other items featured: Tanya Tee, Sahara Jacket, Jamilia Jacket, Zia Top  

3. One-pieces Dresses

For those who fancy something else, one-piece dresses are a good alternative - even more convenient to wear. Here we have some of the choices from the new collection - the Briar Dress, Jina Dress, and Tamala Dress (coming soon...). These beautiful dresses carry African and gypsy-inspired prints, perfectly showcasing your inner desire to travel.

4. Co-ords / Monochrome

Want something more edgy? Co-ords and monochromatic looks could well be your cup of tea! Not much pairing needed, but certainly makes a huge impact. Funny how monochromatic looks require the least effort but you look just like a fashion blogger and straight out of a photoshoot! You don’t need to consider what works with what, just throw on a co-ord set and you will look like you’ve spent all morning getting ready. Our Marni Top and Amala Trousers, in identical prints, could definitely make a statement.

We also have some other more neutral items for you, like our Mia Top with Nala Cropped Trousers and Neema Top with white Adah Skirt, to create those striking looks in just five minutes!

Enjoy your lazy day and feel good about it in all these modern outfits. No more sloppy trackies and sweaty yoga pants on those days!

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