The ‘Wonder Women’ Changing The Game…Our Top 5 To Watch for 2019!

The ‘Wonder Women’ Changing The Game…Our Top 5 To Watch for 2019!

Here at Emma Wallace we’re all about inspiring women to stand out, be bold and dance to their own beat! That’s why this week we’re celebrating some of our favourite ‘wonder women’ by giving you the run-down of our top five females to watch for 2019. The game changers, the innovators, the creators – these are the women making the world a better place!

1. Orla Doherty – TV Producer and Environmentalist

Orla is a woman making waves quite literally! Specialising in deep-sea filming, she produced the finale of the BBC’s Blue Planet II series which was watched by more than 10 million people and ignited conversation around the horrific damage plastic is doing to our beautiful oceans. The series has helped to propel campaigns to reduce plastic waste and has shifted our behaviour for the better. Through the art of filming, Orla has inspired a generation to consider their actions and make a change that will benefit our Earth for the future!

2. Jameela Jamil – Actress and Activist

Former T4 presenter Jameela may spend most of her days appearing in the smash hit show, The Good Place but she has also developed an impressive side hustle as a body positive activist that’s fighting back against body shaming and ‘toxic’ diet culture to help boost our self-esteem and confidence for the better. She kick started the ‘I Weigh’ movement on Instagram, which encourages women to see themselves in terms of their achievements, not their weight. This message has fast spread across the globe and shows no sign of slowing down in 2019.

3. Priyanka Joshi – Biochemist

Voted one of the most important young faces in Science by Forbes when she has only just completed her PHD, Priyanka sits at the cutting edge of Alzheimer’s research having built a library of drug-like molecules to target irregular proteins that cause degenerative brain diseases. Her vital breakthroughs have been instrumental in the fight against conditions like dementia and will play a pivotal role in the search for a cure.

4. Adwoa Aboah – Model and Activist 

Shaved head, freckles and jewelled tooth – Adwoa isn’t your cookie cutter supermodel and has redefined the beauty standard to win ‘Model Of The Year’, alongside numerous campaigns for the likes of Chanel, Burberry and Revlon. Having battled with her own sobriety a few years ago as a result of what she claims was putting on a ‘everything is fine’ façade she is now using her Instagram account ‘Gurls Talk’ to empower and encourage girls to be open about their feelings and realise it’s ok to speak out.

5. Simone Biles – Gymnast and Olympian 

Whilst she may be diminutive in stature (Simone is only 4’8” tall), her success and power is mightier than your average! Having pocketed a wealth of gold medals, her achievements are made all the more incredible when you hear that Simone was in and out of foster care in her formative years. A true example of someone who has overcome hard times to realise her dreams and potential. Most recently, Biles revealed she had been a victim of sexual abuse at the hands of her former coach, Larry Nassar. She bravely spoke out, on a quest to ensure other women didn’t feel alone in their experiences.

We hope these five epic women give you the inspiration you need this week to go out there and be the wonder woman you are!

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