What to Pack for a Weekend Getaway

What to Pack for a Weekend Getaway

Ever crave that little weekend getaway? Just a short break from errands in the city - this week, we have compiled a list of tips to help you pack for that mini holiday and escape from that hectic urban life.

1. Rule Number 1 - Keep a Minimalist mentality in mind

When it comes to a weekend getaway, the key is to pack light because you are only going away for a weekend. There isn’t much point to bring so much with you, just for the sake of bringing it. Use a smaller backpack or suitcase to prevent from over-packing, it’s also a perk when it comes to skipping the long bag-drop queue at the airport. So remember - keep it simple.

2. Pack Light

Limit yourself to one pair of comfortable shoes and something that’s easy to wear. Shorts and vests are travel-friendly items that will keep you free from layers and layers of fabric. Unless you have lots of parties and events to go to, if you are just on vacation, limit yourself from bringing too many items for any ‘just in case’ situations. Trust us, you won’t wear it… If you want to bring along some layers to keep yourself warm, don’t pack it into your bags - wear it on board! It will save a lot of space in your luggage.

3. Versatile items - because it matches practically everything

Since we are setting limits on what clothing items to bring, all pieces should stick to a specific colour palette that works from day to night such as neutral tones like black, grey, blue, white and beige. Alternatively, a monochrome look with one pop of colour is a chic, yet effortless style for your travels.

4. Roll your clothing to save space - tried and trusted

Channel your inner Marie Kondo - rolling up your clothing saves so much space in your luggage. We don’t exactly know how it works, but it just does!

5. Compartmentalise everything - have different sections for everything, don’t leave anything lying around in your suitcase

Every item you bring should have a place and a home. Wires, toiletries, towels, even if it’s miscellaneous on-board essentials - categorise them all and put them in separate pouches. Guaranteed to make your life so much easier and hassle-free when you are looking for things.

6. Have a laundry bag - not to mix clean clothes with worn items including intimate items

You wouldn’t want to put your fresh and dirty clothes together…(for obvious reasons) 

7. Keep your makeup very minimal

As we are embracing the minimalist mentality, yes you’ve guessed it - next up is your makeup. We suggest bringing versatile products - concealer and face powder, a bronze-toned eyeshadow quad, a rosy lipstick, eyeliner and mascara is all you need. Use the brown shades in your eyeshadow palette as a bronzer and brow powder; double-up your rosy lipstick as a cream blush, and simply dabble a little concealer to freshen up your natural complexion. Of course, keep everything travel-sized and replace makeup remover solutions with makeup remover wipes. It lifts off so much weight and space!

Enjoy your mini getaway - with a light bag and a happy mood!

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