Trend Story: Take Me Back

Trend Story: Take Me Back

It’s here! Our third Spring/Summer 2020 Capsule Collection is launching on March 12 and we are so excited. Named ‘Take Me Back’, the stars of the show for this collection are what we do best...Prints and Embroideries! Read below to find out everything you need to know about this empowering capsule collection!

Nostalgic nods dominated the SS20 catwalks and this season we turned back time to the heady 70s where alternative style icons ruled the glittering dance floors. Unashamedly themselves, a touch of vintage glamour in the form of flared jumpsuits, flowy skirts, striped prints and pastel shades add elements of the unconventional, showcasing a unique beauty that is truly individual.

Versatile details including bows that can be tied in multiple ways - mean that the Emma Wallace Woman can wear it however she wants, offering a bespoke element to those who love to showcase a style all their own.

This is a chance to break out of the box, to make a statement and to be remembered for all the right reasons.

In this capsule collection, we revisited our fond memories of the Forbidden City in Beijing. With colours and prints inspired by this magnificent architecture, we designed stripes and a geometric circle print for this season.

The vibrant blue and refreshing mint paired with a touch of delicate pastel pink, this gorgeous colour combination provides a completely fresh take on the classic stripes for this spring. Decadent structure and furnishings of the Forbidden City gave inspiration to our geometric circle print, while we took a feminine yet modern twist on this incredible design.

We love our embroideries! So every season, we create our original embroidery designs. Echoing our Pastel Power Dressing collection, we have taken a more feminine approach with our embroidered items by paring them on pastels and whites.

Our embroideries mimic the romantic whirlwind of Beijing - the shining city, while the soft colours draw inspiration from the influential women of The Forbidden City who ruled the opulent palaces during the Qing dynasty and owned their power.

With these iconic women lending us strength, we break through the boundaries to truly find our own passion in this collection - the things that set our souls on fire and inspire our creativity. With a refreshed perspective we embark on a quest to bring a unique view to life. A chance for our Emma Wallace Woman to make her mark and showcase her vision…

Explore our Take Me Back collection and see how you can be empowered while bringing a brand new perspective to life. 

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