Top 10 Speggtacular Restaurants for Easter in Hong Kong

Top 10 Speggtacular Restaurants for Easter in Hong Kong

Easter is just around the corner and we cannot wait for all the chocolate bunnies and Easter eggs. This week, a little birdy told us all we need to know about the best restaurants to go to this Easter. Prepare for speggtacular food all week long!

1. Pirata

With fresh ingredients and simple recipes, the infamous Pirata offers a traditional approach to Italian cuisine. Their rustic industrial interior is contrasted by Victorian style furnishings, creating an impactful aesthetic which adds to the homey vibe - inviting guests to leave their stress behind. Their weekend brunch menu contains three delightful courses (Primi Piatti, Secondi and Dessert), complemented by a Cold Station Buffet. A kid’s menu is also offered for family-friendly gatherings during the Easter weekend, which aligns with their restaurant ethos: they cook for their guests as if they are cooking for their family.

2. Redhouse

For those who like traditional Chinese cuisine, Redhouse is a great option! Inspired by the prosperous symbol of red, the Redhouse is designed to encapsulate the vibrant yet lavish setting of Hong Kong nightlife, whilst maintaining an intimate experience for its diners. Located on the 23rd floor, dining at the Redhouse has the advantage of a spectacular view of the Victoria Harbour. With an extensive range of dishes on its menu, the team of chefs present their dishes in a contemporary fashion, whilst staying true to the heritage of Chinese cuisine.

3. Gough’s on Gough

Have a classic British Sunday Roast at Gough’s on Gough. The exotic interior design details provide an exhilarating ambience, using authentic handcrafted materials and furnishings. They have a strong, modern & British take on their cooking philosophy, which comes with an Asian twist. While their À-La-Carte menu features rather modern British delicacies, their Sunday Roast menu offers more traditional British roasts such as Pork Loin, Lamb Leg and Beef Rib - perfect for a relaxing Easter weekend.

4. Uncle Padak Korean Fried Chicken & Beer

For those who crave comfort food, Uncle Padak’s Korean Fried Chicken (KFC) would be ideal. Originating from Seoul, the chain firmly established themselves as the ‘go-to’ for Korean fried chicken lovers and has already set foot in South Korea, China, Vietnam and now Hong Kong. Their authentic and affordable approach differentiates themselves from most other fried chicken brands. With their signature dish - the Padak, which translates into ‘Spring Onion Chicken’, is their bestseller in both Hong Kong and South Korea. Don’t have your hopes up for an extravagant interior deco - the restaurant shines in its own way, by simply providing the best, authentic Korean fried chicken you can find in Hong Kong.

5. Lily & Bloom

The popular Lily & Bloom just got refurbished! A favourite in Central, Lily is giving you a brand new contemporary American diner experience. The flamboyant old-world interior elevates the ambience to a whole new level. Lily serves American old favourites with a subtle European touch: its brunch menu has some of the most well-loved brunch classics - Egg Benedict, Steak and Eggs, Brioche French Toast and many more. If you are looking for something more filling, try their meatier options such as Roast Rib, Burger and Steak… You won’t be disappointed!

6. Mercedes Me Store

Located in the heart of Central, the Mercedes Me Store has quickly made itself known to local diners. Designed by Mercedes-Benz, the themed restaurant is designed to provide its diners with a vision - it’s more than just a room; it’s a lifestyle. Their brunch menu provides its guests with classic favourites such as eggs benedict, pancakes and smashed avo, accompanied by starter and dessert buffet with an additional charge for free-flow drinks. Ingredients are carefully selected to align with European and Asian cuisines, and are prepared with open fire cooking methods, creating a range of contemporary, casual yet eclectic dishes.

7. Limewood

Looking for an idyllic weekend by the beach? Limewood is the perfect choice! Located not above, to the side or nearby Repulse Bay… but right in front of it. The airy summer decor beautifully compliments the view overlooking the horizon. Led by Malcolm Wood, Culinary Director of Maximal Concepts, the menu is infused with South East Asian, Hawaiian, South American and Caribbean influences. Most dishes are curated around fresh seafood and meats - aiming to give its guests a relaxing beachside dining experience. The restaurant is definitively family-friendly when you could enjoy a drink at the bar while your children play at the beach right in front of you - it is a distinctively ‘Californian experience’ for all ages.

8. Feather & Bone

If you happen to be a meat lover, you’ve probably already heard of Feather & Bone! When you step inside, prepare to be taken away to relaxing, minimalist surroundings with a distinctly Aussie vibe. Their top quality cuts are directly sourced from Australian farmers, hand-cut daily by expert in-store staff. Their menu is equally as wide-ranging as their deli offerings: you will find almost any premium cut that you desire - from beef tartare to dry-aged sirloin, they’ve got you covered. The best part is they don’t only serve meat, you’ll also find market-fresh organic produce & seasonal products from Australia, USA and Europe.

9. 11 Westside

Launched by chef Esdras Ochoa, 11 Westside serves, dare we say, the best tacos in Hong Kong! With chef Ochoa’s appearance in The Final Table, this restaurant has gained a lot of exposure and is a force to be reckoned with. With the unique blend of art deco and modern decor, the restaurant is exquisite yet cosy, an unconventional mix in this hectic city. Serving its tacos in the most eccentric combinations possible, it is said that these are what true Mexican tacos taste like.

10. Blue, Butcher & Meat Specialist

Attention Meateors! Blue is another specialist meat house, with a passionate team in search of the finest cuts and best suppliers around the world. The restaurant serves a wide range of meat - tenderloin...t-bone...sirloin...any part you can think of. Their signature breed of cattle - Rubia Gallega, is said to be one of the best in the world. The meat is left to mature for up to 15 years which is longer than most, delivering a perfect portion of marbling. Their starters and desserts offer a unique combination of flavours and presentation methods, with boundary-pushing handcrafted cocktails - giving its guests a full ‘cattleman’s experience’.


What cuisine do you prefer? Which restaurants are you tempted to visit? Forget the chocolates, let’s pig out this Easter!

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