The Perfect Place To Celebrate Chinese Valentine’s Day

The Perfect Place To Celebrate Chinese Valentine’s Day

Happy QiXi! With the Chinese celebration of love underway, we’re rounding up the most romantic spots to take your beloved to. Whether you fancy strolling hand in hand along the beach or prefer to gaze adoringly into each other’s eyes over dinner at one of the finest restaurants in the city, check out our top five places in China to go on an adventure of the heart…

Take a bamboo ride with your beloved in Yangshuo

If you’re looking for natural beauty to provide the perfect backdrop for your love, pay a trip to Yangshuo in the stunning province of Guangxi. The lush bamboo forest, stark hills, and beautiful local culture will have you reminiscing of time gone by, ideal for those who long to wander endlessly hand in hand. For those seeking a touch of adventure, jump on a bike and take a scenic ride between ancient villages or board a bamboo raft for a ride down Li River for a true experience the two of you will remember forever.

Get your skates on with your sweetheart in Shanghai

Whilst it may not be the most romantic venue, nothing quite beats taking to the ice with your loved one. Gliding across the cold ice with a warm heart is the ultimate way to recreate that RomCom movie moment, and the All-Star Skating Rink in the Mercedes-Benz Arena offers 1,200 square metres of top-quality ice for you to step on to. Wrap up in your cutest cosy jumper and get ready to show off your best figure skating moves. If you fall, at least you’ll have your Valentine to catch you!

Perfect your pairing in paradise

Nothing says true love like a mini break together, and Hainan Island might be the perfect destination for those seeking a tropical getaway where you can soak up the sunshine and couple up with some cocktails. The beach town of Sanya offers the ultimate sunbathing option for those who long to lounge together, whilst the clear ocean water is a treasure trove for duos who love to snorkel and swim side by side.

Dote on each other in the Dali Courtyard

The rooftop patio at the stunning Dali Courtyard restaurant overlooking the ancient Drum Tower sets the scene for the ultimate dinner date. Chinese red lanterns hover above the tables to add a touch of romantic mystique, whilst the Hounhai Lake is just a stone throw away offering the perfect night-time excursion to finish the evening off with a panorama of lakes and lights filling the senses.

Light a candle in Lijiang with your love

Famous for its wooden houses, canals, and cobblestone streets, Lijiang is one of the most romantic destinations in China. Take a tour of the ancient town before letting a candlelit float down the river together for a truly memorable experience together. Couple the sedate with the adventurous by taking a hike up Jade Dragon Snow Mountain where you’ll discover 13 peaks and a whole host of rare animals and wild plants. 

Whether you’re a couple who love to climb mountains or prefer to make eyes over a gourmet meal, there’s something for everyone to discover in the beautiful country of China. Wherever you wander we hope your next adventure is filled with love!

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