The #ModernDayMuse Series - Jessica Wong

The #ModernDayMuse Series - Jessica Wong

This week we caught up with Hong Kong's beauty and fitness blogger, Jessica Wong to find out what inspires her - from her favourite book to her aspirations, and dressing up for her next adventure.

How would you describe your signature style?

Feminine and chic, sometimes edgy. I like to mix and match leisure casual wear with slightly dressier items like a nice pair of trousers for my day to day look.

What’s your go-to outfit or look when you want to feel unstoppable?

A chic business woman look never fails to make me feel confident and powerful. Something more plain but with a nice and structured fit, even with a bold color. A well fitted and figure hugging jumpsuit or a co-ord suit set would be a perfect example.

To pair with that I love to either go with a smokey eye with nude lips or a clean classic red lips look. Depends on the color of my outfit and occasion.

Where or who do you draw style inspiration from?

Nowadays I get most of my inspiration from TV shows or social media. I get a lot of outfit inspiration from the TV show Suits, all of the female characters have a killer wardrobe with such a feminine and chic twist. I could love to just copy and paste anyone of their collection to mine! I also like to follow magazine’s social media to keep track new trends and fashion launches, Vogue is a Must Follow for everyone in my opinion.

What has been your most memorable travel experience?

I love to see the world and there are countless places that I love. But I recently visited Bali and this place just never disappoints. I adore a good island vacation, the amazing weather and scenery gave me so much inspiration for shoots and outfit, as well as unwinding my mind. If you have never been, you must visit Ubud in Bali for the gorgeous jungle view, the Bali Swing is also a great spot for pictures.

Where would you like to go on your next adventure?

It would most possibly be Cebu. I have never been to Philippines and island is always the answer!

What’s the one item you would take with you?

My book. There is some magic about a tropical vacation, you need to take advantage of the relaxation you get and make the best out of the off time you get from it. Forget about your phone, emails and life problems for a while and enjoy the presence.

What’s the motto you live your life by?

You only live once, make sure you are happy:)

If you weren’t a travel fashion blogger, what would you be?

I think I will still be in the creative field, most likely an editor of platforms like Cosmopolitan or Vogue would be ideal. And if it doesn’t work out then I will go back to what I studied and be in Finance.

What’s your favourite book and why?

The Power of Now or The Power of Kindness

These two books have a lot to do with the way I see the world now and I think everyone should give them a read, it will be very beneficial especially to your mindset.

What’s your favourite restaurant in the world and why?

I can’t really pick one single restaurant that's my absolute favorite, it's just too hard for a major foodie like me! But I can tell you what kind of cuisines are my favorite. Shanghainese, Sichuan, Japanese, Vietnamese and Italian. And yes, Asian food for the win but you can never forget pizza and pasta!

Follow Jessica on her Instagram @jessicawong_wt

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