The 'It' Coat: Kaili Mac

The 'It' Coat: Kaili Mac

First introduced by Thomas Burberry during World War I, the versatile trench coat was designed to combat unpredictable weather and protect soldiers from getting wet. Now in modern days, this item has become a wardrobe staple for many of us. In this season, we’ve reimagined this classic in a bright sunshine yellow and you will be surprised how wearable our cold-proof Kaili Mac is! This week, we’ve paired this little ray of sunshine with pieces you might already own in your wardrobe or our Emma Wallace favourites -  creating some impact for different occasions this autumn!


First and foremost, we love pairing it with simple basics - black turtlenecks, jeans, simple white tops. For autumn, wear it with darker colours like black, brown and navy. Here we have a classic black on black turtleneck with denim jeans combo, paired with some earth-toned accessories - simple but impactful. For springtime, we’ve gone even lighter. By pairing the coat with a clean white top and light wash denim jeans, it is instantly toned down to a more daytime friendly outfit that compliments everyone. Top it off with a pair of white sneakers - totally rocking the effortless French style!


What if we wore it to the office? For those trendsetters out there, this daring colour is sure to make you stand out from the crowd whilst keeping you warm from the blasting office AC. We’ve picked our classic Lien Shirt with the matching two-toned Shu Skirt for a slightly fancier look at the office. If you have to look extra smart and professional, dress it up with a white blouse and black suit pants - instant power up!

Date Night

Having a date night? We’ve got you covered! Our navy Kiu Skirt and wrapped Na Top is a subtle yet flirty combo. Knee-high boots are so hot this season - wear them just below your knee for a sweet innocent look. For a romantic fancy dinner, simply wear it on top of our twirly girly Ya Dress - now available in four different colours, you can choose your favourite colour that matches perfectly with this bright trench!

Running errands

If you are running around town all day and still want to look put-together, wear the coat! With the unpredictable weather in autumn and spring, the coat is thick enough to keep you warm and dry from rain and breeze, but also thin enough that you won’t be boiling hot. Here we have two options - sophisticated belle or edgy city-slicker. Our blue floral printed Zhi Ruo Skirt goes perfectly with our turtleneck white Noel Top for a lady-like outfit. If you want to be more daring, combat boots and our navy Ting Jumpsuit are calling your name. Pop up the coat collar, roll up your sleeves - your motorbike awaits!

Girlfriend Dates

Hanging out with your girlfriends for some shopping or a picnic day? Wow them with your vibrant coat! If you can’t already tell, we love pairing this bright yellow with blue - and we did it again! For a lazy afternoon at the park, protect yourself from dirt and dew with the multi-functional coat. We’ve paired it with a simple white top and our fan favourite printed Ariyah Skirt - finish the look off with some white sneakers and a basket, you are picture-perfect for the fairytale picnic! Just doing some shopping with your girlfriends? Wear it with our cozy Koh Top, black denim jeans and some stylish flat boots - all the comfort and space you need to make a difficult purchasing decision!

Well there you have it - our best kept secret for autumn! 10 different outfits for different occasions have proven our Kaili Mac to be truly versatile. So what are you waiting for? Quickly grab one for yourself this season!

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