Stack It High - How To Layer Your Details

Stack It High - How To Layer Your Details

Pancake day may have been and gone but we’re still obsessed with stacks…jewellery stacking that is! This week we’re giving you some top tips on how to layer your details to steal the style trend of the season.

It’s All About That Base

You need to ace your base to be able to layer on. Choose a statement piece that you can build around. Opt for the chunkiest or heaviest detail first to set the scene and then add on thinner, softer pieces to build the drama on top. We love the Astrid & Miyu Textured Oval Link T-Bar Necklace with its chunky links as a starting point. For those seeking to create the ultimate ear stack, then the Astrid & Miyu Chunky Rope Hoops are ready to kick start your style.

Turn Up The Texture

Don't be afraid to mix and match textures when trying out this trend. Use different links and finishes to create contrast that feels effortlessly contemporary. Mixing it up will keep it feeling modern and fresh. Try layering on the Astrid & Miyu Basic Halo Pendant Necklace over a choker for an on trend take. Keep the halo pendant on or remove it to wear as a simple chain to build on even further. When it comes to your ears, mix in the smoothness of the Astrid & Miyu Boyfriend Simple Ear Cuff against the Mystic Star Hoops. The contrast of the clean gold against the sparkling stars will instantly create interest.

Length Matters

When it comes to necklace stacking, different lengths are key to creating the most impactful look. From chokers to long-length, it’s all about tiering the height of each piece. Choose chains that offer space between so each one has time to shine. We love the Astrid & Miyu Walk the Line Small Necklace as a top tier option that sits perfectly as a base for you to then layer on longer chains.

Curate A Theme

When creating the perfect stack, working to a theme will help you keep your style looking cohesive. However, you want to avoid it looking try-hard! Choose pieces that relate to each other rather than match. For example, choosing styles that are all geometric in shape will help to keep the feel flowing. Alternatively, if you have a detail that has bezel-set stones, add another piece nearby with a matching setting around the stone. Consistency is chic but matching is a bit much. Try the Astrid & Miyu Mystic Star Stud Earrings in your lobes and add on the Wishbone Ear Cuff with simple gold pieces in between for the perfect curation.

Mix Your Metals

Switching up you metals in the same look is tricky but, when done purposely, it can deliver a really unique element that elevates your ear or neck styling. Lead with the metal that best compliments your skin colour - those with warm tones tend to suit gold whilst cooler skins will work well with silver. Build most of your stack around that shade and then add in small touches of the other metal to mix it up. If you want to try the trend, we’d opt for the Astrid & Miyu Rope Charm Hoops in Silver for your lobes before stacking on the Boyfriend Simple Ear Cuff in Gold for a mixed appeal that feels contemporary and cool.

Now you know how to stack it in style, it’s time to let your details go the extra mile. Why not share your stacking selfie on Instagram and tag us in with #EmmaWallaceWoman so we can see your curated creations.

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