How To Mix & Match Patterns In Your Home

How To Mix & Match Patterns In Your Home

Our collection is bursting with patterns, but why stop with just your wardrobe? This week we’re giving you some helpful hints on bringing your décor to life with the perfect mix of colour pops, prints and texture.

Check out our tips below for some interior inspiration guaranteed to add some style to your home!

Ditch Matchy Matchy

If you want to go big on prints, then avoid matching everything – identical prints everywhere can look old fashioned and overwhelming. To give your home that luxe look, mix prints up that will add depth, texture and intrigue. Just remember to keep the colour palette tonally aligned – this means that whilst the prints clash, the hues compliment, ensuring the result feels effortlessly cool!

Keep Big Pieces Neutral

If you’re a print fan (who isn’t?) then the easiest way to play with pattern is to add them into your interiors through accessories. Keep your big pieces of furniture (sofa, dining table, wardrobes, drawers) neutral and use them as a canvas for your printed accessories to play against. Not only does this mean your love for print won’t overwhelm the room, you can switch up your look ongoing to suit the seasons and your tastes. It’s much easier to swap in new cushions, throws and well-curated ornaments than it is to replace your entire sofa. 

Size Matters!

When choosing prints, size is everything and it’s important you consider the square footage of your space. The smaller the room, the smaller the print should be. This is especially true of printed wallpaper! If you put a large print in a very small room, it can overpower and likewise, a small print in a big room can feel fussy and lacking impact. Size up the print as the room gets bigger and you’ll be on the right track! 

Ask Yourself, Do You Love It?

Prints are a commitment especially if you are investing in a big item like a statement chair, curtains or wallpaper. Be sure to put a sample cut of the fabric in the room you’re buying for. Walk past it at different times of the day in different lights and make sure you’re still in love with the style. If you still feel passionate about the print after a week then it’s the one for you!

Compliment With Colour Pops

Prints pair perfectly with colour and nothing makes more of an interior impression than getting this right! Choose one item in the print you love and then look at what colours it brings out. Pick two shades from the print and use that to create complimentary touches. This works brilliantly when choosing throw cushions and can really bring a shelf to life too!

Now you know how to style your home, we hope you add some drama to your interiors with prints that always please!

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