How to get summer prints to work for you

How to get summer prints to work for you

In case you haven’t noticed, we love prints and there is nothing that screams ‘summer’ quite like bold patterns and colour.  Think floral dresses sipping aperol spritz in Capri (a la Dolce & Gabbana) or cruising the Greek Islands in marine stripes.  More so than ever the summer of 2020 calls for being more adventurous and daring, even if you don’t go further than your back yard you can wanderlust. 

Especially if your wardrobe usually consists of monotone colours, how is the time to dial up the colours.  Read on for our tips on how to feel confident wearing prints. 


Print on Print

The most adventurous way to wear print it to match it with…. you got it…more prints! How? If the colours look good together, more often than not the prints will look good together.  Even opposing prints like floral, animal prints and stripes will look good if the colours match.  Distribute evenly by doing one on the top and one on the bottom.  Try black and white and you can never go wrong or if you are feeling adventurous match our Tippin top with graphic print trousers.

 Keep It Simple 

Stripes is a good place to start as they go with everything, they are pretty much the neutral of prints.  Marine blue is a classic and can match well with white or red for a sea-ready look.  For the more adventurous an animal print is another sure classic for those that love more neutral tones. Try our romper with circle print to keep it simple whilst making a statement. Florals can get a bit tricky depending on whether they are bold or feminine, organic or graphic and may take a little getting used to so save florals to when you are feeling a bit bolder.

 Head to Toe

If you are going to wear your favourite print, why not just go all the way and wear it head to toe.  Wear a matching print top and bottom in a two-piece or a maxi dress to make a statement which is sure to wow.  Choose prints without too many different colours to avoid looking like colourful wallpaper…tonal colours will make you look chic and understated. For a retro 70’s vibe, our stripe Suzanne jumpsuit is a sure winner.

Pair with Solids

Finally, if print-on-print-on-print is just too much for you, that's fine! Just layer in some solid-coloured clothes to pair it down. Pick a colour in the pattern and match it with another piece of clothing or even an accessory. Our Betty skirt is a good solid tone that is soft enough to match with many prints.

Happy experimenting! The best way to do prints to try it and don’t hold back. It will do wonders to your confidence!

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