Meet Sarah Keates, our latest #ModernDayMuse

Meet Sarah Keates, our latest #ModernDayMuse

Meet Sarah Keates, a wellness & lifestyle blogger and Founder of White Orchid Insights, a boutique marketing & pr agency.  She is an advocate for mental wellbeing & health, and often shares advice on career and productivity planning….

Sarah is someone we truly admire and we are honoured that she is an #EmmaWallaceWoman.  Here we get to know more about her inspiration, style choices, travel goals & wellness advice!

1. How would you describe your signature style?

Feminine, playful, colourful.

2. What’s your go-to outfit when you want to feel unstoppable?

A killer dress that shows off my best assets and heels.

3. Where do get your style inspiration from?

Designers, influencers, and my stylist!

4. Where’s the first place you want to go when you can travel freely again?

I want to see my family which is split across the UK and Singapore.

I had trips planned to the Austin, Bali, Nepal, several areas of India, Singapore, Taiwan, Tokyo & Osaka, Seoul and New Zealand, all of those got cancelled so I’m keen to rebook when safe to do so!

I am also extremely interested in adventure travel, so anywhere I can climb a mountain, dive, jump out of a plane, or experience something extreme! Basically, everywhere!

5. What’s the motto you live your life by?

Be kind to yourself, but not too kind. Make progress. Tough love is worth a lot.

6. What’s the most important lesson of 2020/21?

That nothing is certain. That values matter. That the greatest happiness comes from the simplest things. That my mental and physical health must be protected above all other things.

7. Which woman/women inspires you the most?

Usually athletes, gymnasts, and ballerinas. I admire their strength, ability to keep going through pain, and capacity to create astounding things.

8. What advice would you give to women about confidence?

That you won’t always feel confident, but no one does. Be okay with being awkward and embrace that, but know when to own it and remember who the F you are. When in doubt, think “what would Beyonce do?”

9. What does entrepreneurship mean to you

Being completely operational at points and full of ideas at others. It’s not very glamorous a lot of the time but I’d take it any day over having my autonomy and creativity stifled.

10. Advice you’d give your 18 year old self.

Know your worth, keep your standards

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