Natural Remedies To Protect Yourself As We Head Into The New Norm

Natural Remedies To Protect Yourself As We Head Into The New Norm

We can’t wait to wander the world again, but as we embark on travel once more, keeping our bodies and mind healthy is key.

This week we are sharing some tips on how you can keep your immunity strong the natural way. From herbal remedies to vitamin boosting behaviours, it’s time to make your wellbeing a priority and ensure you’re ready to take on the new normal as best you can.

Sip & Savour

Whilst your first port of call in the morning may be a delicious cup of coffee, when it comes to enhancing your health, try swapping it for a cup of something more herbal. We love Superfood Moringa tea which is a nutritional powerhouse! It contains more than 90 nutrients and every cup is infused with Vitamin C and other antioxidant properties that boost immunity and help regulate the metabolism. Flavoured with honey, lemon, lemongrass or mint, there’s a taste to suit every Emma Wallace Woman and it’s the perfect way to start your day the healthy way!

Turn Up The Turmeric

This kitchen cupboard staple offers up way more benefits than simply adding some flavour to your meals. Whether you’re adding it to food or you’re whipping up a highly instagrammable turmeric latte, this wonder spice can help cure wounds, clear the skin, aid digestion and benefit your bones. Most importantly, during these times it contains Curcumin, a compound known to possess anti-inflammatory properties that help boost immunity. It’s also a great antioxidant which helps to slow down the oxidative processes in the body and keep you young! With so many positives, it’s one to add to your diet pronto!

Shine Bright In The Sun

Vitamin D, which is synthesised in the skin from UVB rays, is vital to maintain a healthy immune system. Whilst you can get vitamin D from some foods – think oily fish, red meat, liver and egg yolks, the best way to ensure your Vitamin D levels are high enough is to expose your skin to sunlight. We never need an excuse to head to the beach or book that holiday but knowing it will help ramp up our immunity makes it even more wanderlust worthy! Just make sure you wear sunscreen to keep yourself safe.

Laugh Lots

We love a good giggle, but did you know that laughing could help keep you healthy? Laughing gets your heart racing to nearly the same levels as when you exercise and that helps keep your body in good shape. Laughter also helps you de-stress and stress is a major factor in reducing your immune response. If you’re looking to keep yourself healthy, get your favourite funny film up on Netflix or get the girls round for a gossip and you’ll be helping to keep your mind and body safe for the future!

Drift Off

What if we told you a lie-in would improve your health? We’d be pretty happy with that! In clinical trials it was found that people who have adequate sleep have a much stronger immune system than those who have poorer sleep. So, the answer for boosting your wellbeing? Get more shut eye. If you’re struggling to sleep during these troubling times, then make sure you shut the TV off a couple hours before heading to bed and don't listen to the latest statistics. It will help calm your mind and stop you spiralling into those ‘what ifs’ that keep you up!

Remember, wellness is wealth so be sure to invest before you fly! Don’t forget to wear your mask and wash your hands too.

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