Bestie Goals - Female Friendships We Love!

Bestie Goals - Female Friendships We Love!

With International Friendship Day upon us, we’re inviting our Emma Wallace Women to take this moment to celebrate all the wonderful women in their lives who provide support, love and laughs in equal measure. During these rather turbulent times, our friends have never been more important, and we hope that as we step into a new normal, we continue to realise the importance of having our girls around us. 

With friendship in mind, this week we’re rounding up five of our favourite female celebrity besties who continue to inspire us…

Busy Phillips and Michelle Williams

These two have become one of Hollywood’s closest friendships. When Philipps was added as a series regular on teen drama, Dawson’s Creek she met Michelle and the two became inseparable. Through hard times (including the tragic death of Williams’ ex-husband Heath Ledger) to the good times (Michelle’s Oscar buzz and Busy getting her own chat show) and every red carpet imaginable. Speaking to People magazine, Michelle exclaimed; “I’m so in love with her. She’s proof that the love of your life does not have to be a man! That’s the love of my life right there.”

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler

After 20 years these best friends have fast become two of the world’s most loved comedic actors. The duo reminds us that when we support each other, we can all rise – even in an industry that’s super competitive, they’ve managed to champion their friend’s success and make space for all women to thrive. From hosting the Golden Globes together in 2013 to starring in the film Sisters, this duo are the kind and funny combo we’d love to have drinks with! 

Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams

Since HBO's Game of Thrones aired for nearly a decade, it's no surprise that its cast formed some pretty tight bonds! Whilst their characters on screen didn’t get on, in real life these two are major BFF goals. Having met in their early teens, these two have grown up together and have a sister vibe we absolutely adore. From matching tattoos, coordinated red carpet looks and Maid of Honour appearances, they do everything side by side and we love that they have nicknamed themselves ‘Mophie’.

Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox

This duo gave us goals in the sitcom FRIENDS, but the Hollywood A Listers are also besties in real life! Having been close friends for over 24 years, we love how these two ladies are always there for each other through all the highs and lows. From Courtney being Maid of Honour at Jennifer’s wedding, to Jennifer being god mother to Courtney’s daughter Coco – these two continue to be wonderfully close. Knowing Rachel and Monica were friends on and off screen fills us with warmth!

Cameron Diaz and Drew Barrymore

These two Charlie’s Angels are just as kick-ass and loyal to this day as they were in the movie.  It turns out that Diaz and Barrymore first met over 30 years ago when the Santa Clarita Diet star was working at a Beverly Hills coffee shop and happened to serve a then 16-year-old Diaz, who was a model at the time. However, it wasn’t until Barrymore asked Diaz to join her in the Charlie’s Angels film reboot in 2000 when their casual friendship turned into an unbreakable bond that would carry on for the next two decades. From marriages to career milestones, these actresses have stood by each other’s sides through it all. Drew cited "We're like more than best friends, she's my sister.” We love that even in the fickle world of Hollywood their commitment to each other never falters. 

Feeling inspired to catch up with your companions? Even in these socially distanced times, remember true friends are always together in spirit! 

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