Fashion ABC: Summer Edition

Fashion ABC: Summer Edition

Attention ladies! We are starting a series exploring the fashion basics - we are calling it our “Fashion ABC”. You want to invest in pieces that compliment your figure, so don’t just buy items that are on trend. Ask yourself, can I wear this item in 2 years and not look ridiculous? In this series, we will share with you all this essentials you need to be a fashionista. It’s sale season and you’d be ecstatic to find some of our best-selling wardrobe staples at wallet-friendly prices. Hesitate no more - read on to see how we play with these fashion basics!

1. White T-shirt

White t-shirts are such a staple in everyone’s wardrobe - name one person who does not own at least one white t-shirt. Our Tanya Tee practically goes with anything and everything - with jeans, trousers, skirts, or as an under-garment, there are endless possibilities. 

The white t-shirt paired with jean shorts has become the most iconic combination and probably the most worn ensemble in the world. Layer it under our little cropped Neema Top for that 90’s nostalgia, but keep it modern with a pair of Nala Cropped Trousers, leather shoes and a black Fedora hat. Got a fancy dinner gathering with your girlfriends? Pair the t-shirt with our fan-favourite Ariyah Skirt. Bring some colour-matching accessories along with you - you’re effortlessly elegant in an instant.

2. Denim Shorts

Denim shorts - another classic in everyone’s wardrobe. You can see all sorts of denim shorts with different washes and cuts during summer. They are such an important piece, just like the white t-shirt, they can be paired with everything and can be worn to numerous occasions!

Wear it over your swimsuit and throw our Willa Jacket on top to stop yourself from sunburning at the beach. Casually wear some black denim shorts with our cropped Marni Top for that relaxed dinner date you have. For a romantic stroll at the park, wear your denim shorts again but this time pair it with our soft halter Summer Top and some earth-toned accessories - Mother nature is calling. City-errands? Wear your denim shorts again! If you want to be comfortable yet stylish, keep it monochrome and wear a white t-shirt with white sneakers. Top it off with a black baseball cap - New York fashion blogger here we go!

3. White Trouser

They might be less of a staple in your wardrobe - but trust us when we say, white trousers are equally as versatile as white t-shirts! Check out our Amala Trouser showcased here in three very different settings, each with a different colour palette - all paired to maximise its finesse. Achieve monochromatic power-suiting at work, by matching with a black blazer, Mia Top and a tote, finishing off with white heels. Also perfectly elegant for black tie affairs - complete a head-to-toe white look by donning our white Cara Top (available in-store) and gold heels, which is sure to make you stand out. Weekend gatherings are made even easier when you’re wearing white trousers - throw on our signature Marni Top and some laid-back sandals, you’re instantly channeling holiday vibes!

4. Little Cropped Top

Available in black and white to satisfy all your different looks, be sure not to miss out on our Neema Top!

Be it for your workplace, a biker chic look, or a cute cinema first date, crop tops are perfectly at home with endless ways to wear - especially in this blazing hot weather! Carrying on our monochromatic theme, wear our Neema Top with our Adah Skirt and a sharp black blazer, perfectly office appropriate, and the perfect canvas for your coloured handbag to pop! If you are as much of a biker fan as we are, our black Neema Top can be coordinated with a trendy baker boy hat, distressed black jeans and military boots - channeling your inner Sandy Olsson. Trying to impress your date has never been easier - last but not least, an iconic #EmmaWallaceWoman look, our Willa JacketKitty Mini Skirt and the white Neema Top are a match made in heaven.

Now it is your turn to experiment and enjoy the fun of being a fashionista - fashion styling is simpler than you think. Start exploring and be the stylish confident woman that you are!

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