6 Secret Islands in Asia You Need to Visit Before They Are Famous

6 Secret Islands in Asia You Need to Visit Before They Are Famous

Having four days off for Easter break, you would want to spend it wisely. If you are thinking of taking a short break from the hectic outside world, you have come to the right place. This week, we have compiled a list of our top 6 secret islands to explore in Southeast Asia.

1. Camiguin Islands, Philippines

Camiguin Island, best known as the ‘Island Born of Fire’, is located in the Philippines in the Bohol Sea, about 10 kilometers off the Northern coast of Mindanao. It has been known as a volcanic island since it has 7 volcanoes - unmatched by nowhere else in Southeast Asia. One of the volcanoes, Mount Hibok-hibok, has been unpredictably active. The island has some intriguing features - not only will you find natural springs, a giant clam nursery and waterfalls, but also a real tropical rainforest! If you would like to experience a diverse range of nature’s offerings, the Island Born of Fire is the one for you!

2. Koh Kood, Thailand

Koh Kood, or Koh Kut, is a small Thai island just 40km outside the mainland, sitting by the maritime border with Cambodia. Don’t let its size fool you, their outstanding, crisp white beachfront spans in excess of 200m along the island! We recommend a relaxing retreat at the Tinkerbell Resort - stay at one of their beach villas and wake up to crystal clear water and endless blue skies!

3. Shuweihat Island, Abu Dhabi

If you are looking for a place that’s more physically demanding, look no further than the Shuweihat Island in Abu Dhabi. This one really is a challenging one, but the rewards to those who make it to this striking location are beyond imagination. Ideal for the active campers and explorers, it would be best to use a four-wheel drive vehicle to travel through the tracks and over the rocky cliff. Once you reach  Shuweihat Island, you will be in awe of how truly magnificent it is!

4. Koh Rong Island, Cambodia

Koh Rong provides its guests with the perfect mix of nightlife and natural beauty in equal measures. Take a dip in its breathtaking blue waters, or hop on a local boat tour to circle its serene parameter. Don’t forget your walking shoes though - expect a fair bit of walking as you won’t find any roads on this quaint little island! Another one on our bucket list of Southeast Asian islands that you will certainly want to tick off.

5. Phu Quoc, Vietnam

Want a relaxed, luxurious holiday on a remote island? Phú Quốc would be the right choice for you! Just off the coast of South Vietnam, this charming little paradise is best known for its white-sand beaches and resorts, providing a tranquil escape from bustling city life. Here we’ll highlight one of their many resorts - the InterContinental Phú Quốc Long Beach Resort. The well-known hotel group has established themselves in this refreshing island with its lavish yet modern interior, making sure that its travellers’ stay is as comfortable as possible.

6. Togean Island, Indonesia

The Togean Islands are located in the Gulf of Tomini, Indonesia. With them being lesser-known, they are truly secret gems of Indonesia. With a high level of privacy, you can enjoy a peaceful holiday away from the frantic citylife. The islands are famous for having their very own Jellyfish Lake (not to worry, they are stingless and safe). Snorkelling with the Golden Jellyfish in this infamous lake is a must for every traveller visiting. If you are a nature-lover, don’t miss out on this set of naturally-gifted secret islands!

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