10 Closet Decluttering and Organising Tips that Actually Work

10 Closet Decluttering and Organising Tips that Actually Work

Having some trouble re-organising your closet after the new years? Or did you just simply go a bit ham on treating yourself? Well not to worry! Here are 10 of our favourite decluttering and organising tips to help you and your closet get back to shape and order.

1. Take everything out

Always easier when you have a clean canvas to work on!

2. When choosing clothes to keep, ask yourself a few critical questions to immediately rule out the weak items

  1. Does it still fit?
  2. Have I worn it in the last 12 months?
  3. Would I wear it again?
  4. If I saw it in a store right now, would I still buy it?
  5. Do I love the way it looks on me?
  6. Is it damaged?

3. Have 4 boxes ready: Keep, Maybe, Donate, Bin

  1. The Keep box: for the clothes you want to keep;
  2. The Maybe box: the ones you are not sure about, but not ready to part ways yet;
  3. The Donate box: the ones that you no longer fit in or desire but are still in good condition; and
  4. The Bin box: for clothes that are damaged beyond repair, or worn underwear.
This way, every piece has a place to sit and it is way more convenient when you have to sort them all out!

    4. Reversing your hangers: the Hanger Strategy

    Reverse all the hangers in your closet. Hang them back the ‘right way’ whenever you wear an item. It helps you in visualising which items you wear most often. Come back and check in 6 months or a year to see if you would want to donate or sell the ones with reversed hooks.

    5. Double-up your closet space instantly by recycling drinks can pull tabs to connect hangers together.

    Because it is environmental-friendly and there has to be fizzy drinks in every household. 

    6. Colour coordinate your closet

    Isn’t it just so satisfying to look at?

    7. Fold your jumpers, don’t hang them

    Your heavy or loose-knit jumpers might lose their shape if you hang them. Instead, fold them and store them neatly in your drawers. You don’t want to ruin your favourite Christmas jumper your grandmother made you, right?

    8. Use non-slip hangers

    Or simply tie rubber bands on the ends of your hangers. (it does the same job without breaking your bank). They prevent your clothes from falling off hangers and getting lost in a mountain of clothing.

    9. Use the door space, don’t let it go to waste

    Hang a divider onto the back of your closet door to store your favourite pair of flats or earrings neatly.

    10. Last but not least, MAINTAIN your closet

    Your closet won’t stay clean and tidy if you don’t maintain it. Hang your clothes back into the closet where they belong, before they pile up and get wrinkly.

    See! It’s easier than you think. Just bits and bobs here and there will make your closet much more chaos-free. Start organising and live like a Queen!

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