Molly Carter


I live in Hong Kong, I have been here for nearly 7 years with my husband and our three rescue dogs(Ash, Bella & Poppy). I was born in County Cork, Ireland. I am the youngest of five girls. When I was 13 years old I moved to New Zealand with my parents and one of my sisters, my family is global which is great for vacations. I was a Real Estate in New Zealand and continued my career when we moved to Hong Kong. At the end of 2020, I started my home organisation business, Swoop Lifestyle. I am looking forward to travelling again soon, in the meantime, I am enjoying being home with my husband & dogs.

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How would you describe your everyday style?

I like to accessories with a subtle statement piece, with colours that match my skin tone. Recently I have been wearing gold accessories styling with navy and a pop of lilac or pink. I like to keep it simple, but stylish. I like to wear clothes that accentuate my figure, like high waisted pants & crop tops.

How did you fit Emma into your lifestyle?

Emma is perfect to style as an everyday outfit or for an evening event. I wear the ‘BTW leggings’ to work, and have been loving the new ‘Chiyo Cardigan’ in the cooler Hong Kong weather, it is my favourite piece for comfort and style. The ‘Marieane Top’ is perfect for events styled with the ‘BTW leggings’. The versatility of Emma makes it a go-to choice for any occasion.

What is your top styling tip everyone should know?

Wear tones of the same colour & less is more. Sometimes an outfit is better without an accessory.

What’s a go-to power outfit you wear?

A blazer with high waisted pants, a singlet/blouse, and black ankle boots/heels. I’m 5ft,1’, a heel and slim- fitting pants add that extra illusion of height.

Your favourite colour to wear?

It’s winter at the moment in Hong Kong, I don’t like to get caught up wearing too many dark tones. I have been enjoying pairing navy blue with lilac, bright, and paler pinks with gold accessories.

What is the first thing you do in the morning?

I cuddle my three rescue dogs and then make myself a cup of tea to start my day. Being Irish, I enjoy a good cup of tea.

3 words your friends would use to describe you.

Kind, strong & genuine.

Who is your celeb style muse?

Audrey Hepburn would enter any room with composure and style. I adore her love for animals, her first and closest dog Mr Famous, was a Yorkshire Terrier. The first dog I rescued is Bella, a Yorkshire Terrier, we have a close bond, she is my shadow. Not only Audrey’s style but her nature is admirable.

Best advice you’ve ever been given?

“Invest in yourself today, so that your future self will thank you!”

What’s your favourite guilty pleasure?

During the pandemic, I have been working from home, and have found myself watching reality TV, particularly the Real Housewives franchise. I love all kinds of desserts, especially anything chocolatey, fudge or caramel, and a box of Quality Street doesn’t last long in front of me.

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