Coco Alexandra


Hi! I’m Coco Alexandra. I’m a mom, a multi-entrepreneur and a PR maven of 17 years turned Integrative Holistic Soul Coach based in Hong Kong serving clients globally. As a Coach and Teacher, my soul mission is to guide clients in healing emotional and relational trauma while providing practical tools for them to align into an empowered state to live their best lives.

We spent 5 minutes with Coco.
From power outfit inspo to guilty pleasures, read on to discover more about their style AND story.

How would you describe your everyday style?

Comfortability so I can move freely throughout the day and I love a chance to dress up when the occasion arises.

How did you fit Emma into your lifestyle?

Every day looks different for me and I love how versatile Emma’s collections are! It’s so easy to transform my look from day to night from meetings to events to a night out with the ladies.

What is your top styling tip everyone should know?

I’m a huge accessory kinda gal so accessorise to make the outfit pop!

What’s a go-to power outfit you wear?

Body hugging midi dress makes me feel empowered and motivated to conquer the day ahead.

Your favourite colour to wear?

I’m an ARIES and full of life and FIIIIIRE so RED is definitely my favourite colour to rock.

What is the first thing you do in the morning?

My morning ritual is my sacred time. I make sure to create 20-40 mins just to myself. Every morning is a different routine but it’s normally a mash up of meditation, breath work, conscious movement and intuitively choosing essential oils to amplify my intentions for the day!

3 words your friends would use to describe you.

Energetic, Positive, Resilient

Who is your celeb style muse?

Kate Hudson — I love her laid back style that effortlessly shifts into elegant pieces.

Best advice you’ve ever been given?

Life is not a race. Slow down. Stop comparing yourself to others and focus on where you are and what’s important to you.

What’s your favourite guilty pleasure?

Lounging on the sofa with anything with CHOCOLATE and watching Gaia TV.

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