What To Wear With Sequin

What To Wear With Sequin

We are officially in December, which means it’s the season of parties and gatherings. And what is a party outfit’s best choice? Sequins! This week we will show you our playbook of how to wear sequins - whether it is a sequined dress or a pair of sparkly shoes that you wear, we will show you how it’s done!

The piece itself IS the accessory

To most people, sequins can be quite intimidating because you will literally be dazzling. But when you only focus the attention to one sparkly piece and keep everything else subtle, it works. To ease into this style, start off by trying more subtle sequins and wearing only one sequined piece to avoid any fashion faux-pas when you are new to them. Keep your sequined piece a focal point.

Here we have our sophisticated one-shoulder Tuyen Jumpsuit. Not only are the sequins delicate, the deep black also helps tie down the look to keep it sober. We’ve kept the accessories quite minimal and within a similar colour palette - you might wish to try out some nude strappy heels and a gold clutch.

One at a time

When you are more comfortable with mixing and matching with this fun texture, you can start to experiment and incorporate sequins into your daily wardrobe. But one rule to remember - never pair sequin with sequin! Unless you are performing or attending a party, never put two sequined pieces together - you don’t want to look like a disco ball in broad daylight. Instead try mixing different textures like leather, knit or suede with it.

Here we’ve matched our boxy black Casey Top with our ponti jersey Denyse Trouser to keep everything a bit more daytime friendly. Top it off with our vibrant So Coat and a pair of blue heels for different shades of blue to create depth and dimension.

Keep your accessories neutral

When you already have a sequin item, it is best to keep everything else minimal - for instance your accessories such as shoes and bags. The key to making sequins work is to only have one thing to grab attention at a time. Imagine seeing a person in a sequined dress with sequined shoes and bag and a full set of jewellery - you would think this is a peculiar outfit right? So keep your accessories neutral. By neutral, we mean they can be prints or a bold colour, just not all in sequins. It would also help if your jewellery is dainty and subtle for a more sober and effortlessly chic look. Sometimes less really is more!

So here we have an example - our trusty Cam Jumper with our sparkly Mai Trouser, paired with some snakeskin boots and a brown bucket bag. The printed tassel details on the jumper and animal skin patterns on the boots will go well with the sequins because they are not fighting with each other about how sparkly they are, but rather complimenting each other with the different textures.

Go crazy with sequin accessories

Another great way of wearing sequins is to incorporate them into your accessories - this is by far the easiest way to wear sequins without potentially looking like a disco ball. If you are a first-timer, try it out first with a sequined clutch - it will instantly elevate your outfit by adding just a bit of sparkle. Or if you are more daring, try a pair of sequin shoes - this adds not only just a bit of sparkle but a lot of style. Just remember one rule - keep the rest of your outfit neutral!

Here we have our white turtleneck Rou Top and our vibrant Zhi Ruo Skirt, paired with some gold sequinned Mary Jane heels. Top it off with a dark navy overcoat to pull everything together for a sophisticated yet whimsical look.

Now that you’ve mastered the art of sequins - go out there and show the world your glowing style! Don’t forget to dress up for all of your adventures!

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