Top Packing Tips For The Wanderlust Woman

Top Packing Tips For The Wanderlust Woman

Planning an adventure but struggling to pack? This week we’re giving you some top tips on how to master holiday packing for the best vacation ever. Here’s the low down on getting the most out of your baggage allowance!

1. Protect

Ever opened your case at the hotel only to find all your beautiful clean clothes marked from colliding with other pieces? Protect your favourite lighter coloured items by packing them inside out. Keep them away from your shoes and use a shower cap over the soles to help prevent any rub off.

2. Split To Be Safe

Losing your luggage is one of the most stressful holiday experiences, no one wants to be left wearing an outfit from the hotel gift shop! If the worst does happen, a bit of preplanning can help ease the tragedy and ensure you keep your style on point until your suitcase is returned. Look at splitting some of your key hero outfits so you have at least one day look; one-night look and one swimsuit in your hand luggage. Pack your accessories in your handbag so you can transform your looks in an instant to give you a style transformation without the need for extra clothing options.

3. Make Use Of Dead Space

We’ve all been there, sitting on our suitcase forcing it to shut because it’s too full. Sometimes the secret is finding those dead spaces and utilising them as storage hubs. Roll up underwear, socks and swimwear and pop it in your shoes to fill those gaps. You’ll be surprised at how much space you can save. Likewise, fill any additional bags you are taking in your case to maximise their storage.

4. Skip The Shoes

How many times have you taken ten pairs of shoes, only to find you wear two? Forget the super high heels which will likely go untouched and focus on two-three pairs of essential footwear pieces that will work with any outfit. A metallic flat sandal, a block heel in a neutral colourway for the evening and a pair of trainers for anything active will cover you.

5. Keep on rolling

Still folding your clothes when you pack? That’s so 2018! This year, it’s all about rolling with it! Rolling your clothes not only allows you to fit more in, it reduces creasing meaning less ironing and more time for adventure! Fold one end of the clothing to hold the roll in place until long after you land.

So now you know it’s all about packing smart, not less you can book that flight and jet off ready to conquer your next trip in style.

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