Top 5 Online Courses To Keep You Motivated At Home

Top 5 Online Courses To Keep You Motivated At Home

So you’ve watch everything on Netflix and you need something to fill your time while working from home. This might be the best time to learn a new skill or get more insight on something that you find fascinating. Here are 5 online courses that might help keep you motivated so you’re still connected to the Earth from your desk…or bed.


Interior Design Guru

With all this time social distancing its tempting to think about our home space and what we can do to update it. With this in mind why not try Kelly Wearstler’s Interior Design course on MASTERCLASS and get creative with your home!


Learn The Lingo

Ever thought you’d love to learn a new language but never quite managed to find the time? Well why not start now? Learn a new language with the Duolingo App. It is fun and addictive. With its game style learning you can earn points for correct answers, race against the clock, and level up. You can spend 10 minutes or 2 hours playing each day. It’s up to you. So you can easily slot it into your daily routine!


Ready, Set, Cook!

When it comes to cooking the easier the better because after all there’s still the clean up we need to think of. Tasty is a great site that offers recipes that you can search based on your technical skill, occasion or special diet requirements. Recipes also come with step by step videos so it’s completely dummy proofed. Did we mention, they’re absolutely free and they have their own app that helps you create shopping lists, a collection of favourite recipes and it even comes with a recipe forwarding feature so you can get your better half to cook instead.


Cat Cow Down Dog

Now that we’re mentally literate and we’ve stuffed ourselves with food, it’s time to work on the body. Daily Yoga comes with different workouts, programs and customised plans. The great part about Daily Yoga is there’s special programs that help target stubborn areas that we all want to lose weight on, like their 14 days Abs Challenge.


The Couture Challenge

Not up for learning a long course but looking for something creative to do? Take on George Serventi’s instagram challenge and recreate your favourite couture look with anything you can find in your home. Super fun and teaches resourcefulness!

The world will start spinning again soon and when that happens, might as well come out the other side with a new hobby or skill set that you’ve always wanted to have. With many live events going digital, and so many more resources already available online, now is the time to learn a new hobby or enrolling in an online course that will help propel YOU.

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