Top 4 Florists from Around the World for Your Blooming Summer

Top 4 Florists from Around the World for Your Blooming Summer

Spring-time is almost over and we can’t wait to brighten up our living spaces in true summer style! This week we came up with a list of some of the world’s best and most innovative florists to get your creative juices flowing. Read on to check out who’s on the list!

1. Eric Chauvin, Paris

Eric Chauvin has become Christian Dior’s almost exclusive runway florist and has made himself an undeniable star in the high-end floral art industry. The essence of his boutiques reveals his interpretation of nature, drawing inspirations from gardens filled with roses, hydrangeas, peonies, jasmines, and many more. Eric’s designs convey emotions, provoke desire and spark passion - he is said to be the best florist in Paris! Check out his Instagram @ericchauvin_unjourdefleurs for more flower sculpture ideas! 

2. Hayden Blest, Hong Kong

Being the granddaughter of a celebrated florist and a former judge of the Chelsea Flower Show, Hayden Blest grew up surrounded by nature and flower art. Having worked with brands like Burberry and Alexander McQueen, she quickly built her own flower art empire. In Hong Kong, she is perhaps best known for having transformed the well-loved restaurant the Pawn’s rooftop into a secret garden - no easy feat for any floral designer! Blest’s style incorporates the use of botanicals as an artistic medium to channel fashion, complementing and working seamlessly with photography, prints and various installations - therefore it is unsurprising that she is a popular choice to collaborate with amongst fashion editors in both Hong Kong and LA, bringing their ideas to life! Get arrangement inspirations from her lust-worthy Instagram @haydenblest

3. Kitten Grayson, London

From a young age, Kitten Grayson has been attracted to all things floral as she grew up surrounded by the tranquil and calming greenery of Somerset. Her background boasts extensive training and collaborations with some of London’s most leading landscape architects and designers, such as Scarlet & Violet and Piet Oudolf. She then went on to launch her studio, Kitten Grayson Flowers, in London 3 years ago, primarily creating bespoke floral installations for luxury events. Grayson’s house style is famous for their use of wild blooms, in harmony with the season and settings, and she is a hot choice amongst fashion and beauty brands alike. Definitely perfect for luxurious summer event inspirations!

4. Denise Porcaro, New York (Flower Girl NYC)

Flower Girl NYC was established in 2004, bringing lush and whimsical arrangements to new york city. Denise Porcaro, a former film production designer, is the founder of this playful flower art boutique. Denise initially started curating flower arrangements only for a select number of family and friends, before fully transitioning into flower design and opening her boutique. A versatile designer, Denise has demonstrated her ability to design for large-scale brand events and weddings alike. Denise has been featured on Vogue and recently collaborated with Harry Winston, and her impressive list of clientele include Chanel, Marc Jacobs, Coach, Liberty of London and many more. Located in the heart of the Lower East Side, Flower Girl never fails to deliver edgy yet sophisticated flower arrangements. Check out her dreamy boho Instagram @flowergirlnyc for more arrangement ideas!

Now, it’s time to hop over to your local boutique and fill your summer with blooming bouquets!


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