One Skirt, Four Looks

One Skirt, Four Looks

In the Emma Wallace world, we are all about the versatility of different pieces. This week, we are taking the Eugenie Skirt and pairing it with different items in the collection to create 4 unique looks for different occasions, including office attire, casual wear, party glam and red carpet extravaganza. You will be surprised by how diverse this skirt is! 


1. Monday at the Office

Wanna look effortlessly chic after a relaxing weekend? We call this look “Monday at the Office.” Who says the beginning of the week has to be boring and exhausting? We like to dress up our Mondays to have a fresh start for the week ahead and this look will definitely clear up all your Monday Blues. We paired the skirt with our white Lina Top for a classy sophisticated look. Throw on some black kitten heels and some sunglasses and you are ready to go!


2. Easy Breezy City Slicker

Running some weekend errands or enjoying your day-off at a cute café? This outfit is perfect for just that! We call it the ‘Easy Breezy City Slicker’: the flowy skirt paired with our fuzzy Momo Top is a very comfortable choice to run around town in. Top it off with a pair of sleek white sneakers and a small hologram crossbody bag for that playful, youthful look.


3. Life in Manhattan 

Looking for a bold party outfit to glam up your night? Look no further because this ‘Life in Manhattan’ look is so glamorous that you will definitely be the star of the show. We paired the skirt with our dazzling sequined Shya Top for that ‘wow’ factor - what could possibly be better than donning two contrasting pieces with confidence and dancing your night away?


4. Striped Extravaganza

For this look, we call it the ‘Striped Extravaganza’. This look is not for the faint-hearted - we are pairing the skirt with our Yen Top for a monochromatic look. Stripes are not a regular choice on the red carpet so you are bound to stand out. You will look effortless head to toe wearing this gorgeous two-piece. It’s good to be bold and daring on the red carpet. Throw in some pops of blue here and there, you’re camera-ready!


See? It’s easier than you think, and it’s so much fun! We’d like to call you to this ‘One Skirt, Four Looks’ challenge. Post your outfits onto social media and tag us - we would love to see your brilliant ideas! Now go, happy experimenting!


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