New food obsession - Hawaiian Poke Bowls

If you are anything like us then a work day lunch break consists of 2 minutes eating and the rest of the time trolling the web for holiday destination ideas. Luckily our new food obsession helps to bring a little bit of the holiday spirit to your meal and doesn’t interrupt that trolling time.

Introducing… Poke bowls! ’Poh-keh’ as the Hawaiian’s call it is a raw fish salad traditionally served as an appetiser in Hawaiian cuisine. Now a lunch time alternative to sushi, you can find restaurants all over the world offering pick and mix style poke bowls to customise to your delight!

Photo from our favourite IG stop for Poke Bowl @pokebowl2go

Now we know that this is not technically a new discovery as the Hawaiian's have been eating this for years! However for those of us who have only dreamed of going to Hawaii it is one step closer to that grass skirt and any food that is healthy that also gives you that holiday feeling has got our vote!

Photo from the best Poke Bowl restaurant in Hong Kong @pololihk

Fancy trying to make it at home? We love this recipe from Danielle Walker’s blog Against All Grain.


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