Let Your Summer Glow Stays

Let Your Summer Glow Stays

Waking up and feeling a bit chilly in the morning? Autumn is upon us!

Just as our wardrobe will change as we say goodbye to summer, our skincare will change too. Cooler temperatures and less sun will lead to dry and dull skin, so your primary goal should be to keep your face glowing and moisturized.

This week we are sharing some little skincare tips and tricks with our Emma Wallace women to ensure your skin is ready for fall and that your summer glow stays all autumn long.

1. Try Thicker Moisturizer with SPF Protection

Autumn Skincare Emma Wallace UK

SPF isn’t just for the sunny, summer months. Your skin is susceptible to sun damage all year round, so you must be sure to include SPF in your fall skincare routine. Whilst moisturizing can help keep your skin hydrated by locking in moisture and keeping it from drying out, moisturizer with SPF protection often contain higher levels of active ingredients than those non-SPF products. Use them during the day when you are outdoors. Apply it to clean skin twice daily, especially after washing with soap or showering.

2. Enter Exfoliation-mode

Autumn Skincare Emma Wallace UK

You might worry that exfoliating can over-dry skin but the fact is that if you are properly hydrating post-exfoliation, then you’ll keep your skin fresh and silky smooth. In the fall, it’s especially important to exfoliate because of all the dry, dead skin cells and dirt that can build up on your face. Your pores will get clogged easily and exfoliation helps eliminate these impurities before they cause any damage to your skin.

If you are using a harsher exfoliant, opt for once a week so that you don’t irritate your skin. Another option is to add in a cleanser to your skincare routine that gently exfoliates your skin daily. This option is great because it is gentle enough to not dry out your skin when used daily, yet don’t forget to put your night cream on to keep your skin hydrated and repaired through the night. 

3. Use An Overnight Mask

Autumn Skincare Emma Wallace UK

Overnight masks are designed to do their best work overnight when there isn’t much else going on internally or externally. They’re perfect for keeping your complexion hydrated and healthy as the temperature drops outside - and you don’t have to rinse them off before bed! That means you will wake up with better-looking skin the next morning without much hassle before bedtime and let it work its magic while you sleep. For the best hydrating result, get your hands on a Korean snail repair sleeping mask! It will increase elasticity and hydrate your skin through the night.

4. Layer Up But Do It Right

Autumn Skincare Emma Wallace UK

Failure to put your products on in the right order could have you missing out on some of the great benefits that come from piling on the nutrients. The first rule of all, always apply your products in order of lightest to heaviest (or thinnest to thickest). It applies to all of your products, including your serums (apply the lighter one first). By doing this you will ensure that your products are soaking into the skin as effectively as possible and working well with the rest of the ingredients in your routine. Layering up is so vital, especially for our fall skincare routine! We recommend that active ingredients should be applied after you cleanse so that they can effectively reach your skin, followed by light, silky serums then the thicker night creams or humectant-rich moisturizer. 

5. Invest In A Humidifier

Autumn Skincare Emma Wallace UKDuring fall, the cold air outside combined with the harsh air from artificial heat inside can be a killer to the skin, causing not only dry skin but cracks, flakiness, and premature ageing as well. If you haven’t already invested in a humidifier, now is the time to purchase one for the home. It helps moisture levels stay higher than they would without one. Add one to the bedroom so you can treat your complexion to hydrated air while you sleep at night. 

Fall is the perfect time to switch up your skincare routine and take extra care of your skin. These are just a few tips to help you keep your skin healthy, radiant and looking its best during the transition. Healthy sleeping and eating habits are also something to help your skin stay glam and keep glowing in winter!

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