How To Manifest What You Want in 2023

How To Manifest What You Want in 2023

2023 is on the horizon and, with the arrival of a New Year, comes a fresh perspective and an opportunity for you to create the life you desire. January offers up the perfect clean slate for you to set intentions and start writing a new chapter. Whether it’s in your professional or personal life, it’s all about starting as you mean to go on. 

We know the Emma Wallace woman is always evolving, so read on as we reveal how you can manifest your goals to bring you exactly what you want in 2023…

Visualise It 

Knowing what your goals are and the end outcome is key to manifesting. You are the only one who dreams your dreams, so work out exactly what it is that you desire and be specific. Whether it’s a new job, a promotion, a new country, or a new partner, it’s all about developing a detailed picture of what it is you want and how achieving that goal will make you feel. What are the characteristics, values, qualities you are seeking? Be as specific as possible to really hone in on what it is that you want. 


Write It Down

Once you have your unique and detailed goal in mind, it’s time to ask the universe for what you want. One of the best ways is to voice these goals is through a vision board or journal. Writing each one down, including the details and how it will make you feel is key to turning these wishes into intentions. Using images of the life you desire is a great way to add a visual element and really bring your ambition to life. 


Act As If It’s Already Happened  

Manifestation isn’t magic, you need to focus and hone in on what you’re asking the universe to support you on. A key element involves reframing your mind and acting as your future self. By believing something has happened, you’re more likely to attract the elements to help it become true. Think about how your future self who has realised those goals would behave – how would they act, think, dress, interact? Acting as if it’s already happened is a really great way to help shift the dial and make your goals feel in sight. 


Be Your Own Hype Woman 

Letting go of negative thoughts and being grateful for what you have and are achieving is vital. Self-pity and negative self-talk will only limit your ability to manifest and put a roadblock in your path. Celebrate the small wins and give yourself positive affirmations every daily to help put your mind set on a path to achieving your goals. Take five minutes every day to stand in front of the mirror and tell yourself that you are brave, strong, capable, smart, beautiful and you deserve everything that comes to you. Believing you are good enough to live the life you dream of is key to opening up and letting yourself be in the right space to receive your goals. 


Try New Things 

One thing that stands in our way of manifesting is fear of the unknown and of trying new things. When you open yourself up to something new and embrace the uncertainty with excitement instead of dread, amazing things can happen. Whether it’s going for that job interview, saying ‘yes’ to a blind date or simply trying out a new style and not being afraid to wear colours or prints to stand out, putting yourself out there is pivotal to helping you to be seen and receive what you desire. 

Now you know how to manifest the life you deserve, why not get your vision board in place, and get ready to welcome in an abundance of positivity in 2023! 

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