How To Have A Better 2022!

How To Have A Better 2022!

New year, new me! We all have lofty ambitions when January rolls around to become our best selves. However, knowing where to start can feel overwhelming. With a lack of direction, it can be easy for any good habits to drop off by the end of the month. 

We want all our Emma Wallace Women to feel and look their very best, that’s why we’re giving you five of our favourite tips to help you reach your potential in 2022. From mindful activities to realise your goals, to getting your skin glowing, it’s time to have your best year yet. 

Manifest Some Magic 

If you are focused on the things you don’t have or things missing from your life, then you will attract more of these lacking elements. Instead, why not try manifesting the goals you seek? Acting as though you have already achieved the things you desire and seeing them as if they are true is the first step in making them happen. To kick your manifesting off, you should create a visioning ritual. Write down what you want to achieve, create a vision mood board, or simply repeat your goals out loud every day. Imagine yourself living the life you are craving as if it’s happening and channel your energy into believing it will come through. With a focused direction and deeper intention, you’ll be shocked at how much quicker those elements are realised. Whether it’s a promotion, finding love or simply reaching a happier and healthier you, having the right mind-set is the first step. 

Go Marie Kondo 

Decluttering is a great way to give you that refreshed feeling, ensuring you’re ready to take on the new year. We love Marie Kondo’s ethos when it comes to a clear out. Review everything in your home and ask, ‘does it spark joy?’. If it’s not functional or beautiful then get rid of it. Marie focuses on cleaning by category rather than room – so look at decluttering your clothes, books, papers, miscellaneous items, and sentimental items in that order. Her approach is all about committing yourself to tidying up, imagining your ideal lifestyle and the release you’ll feel living in a tidy space and then discarding those items that no longer serve a purpose. Why not donate those items and see if they might spark joy for someone else?

Spring Clean Your Skin Regime 

The new year is the perfect time to reassess your skincare. After months of overindulgence and too much chocolate, you may be lacking that glow! Getting your skincare in order is the perfect step to give you that spring shine ahead of the new season. Step 1? Throw out any expired products you have to ensure you’re not using anything that might be toxic to the skin. Step 2 is to clean your application products. Brushes and pads should be cleansed to ensure you have a fresh base to apply your make up or skincare with. Step 3? Swap your products to suit the season. if the winter chill is setting in then go for an indulgent moisturiser that will prevent the cold air drying your skin out. Weather starting to warm up? The switch to a lightweight, water-based formula and don’t forget the SPF! Step 4 has to be hydrate! Make sure you’re moisturising from the inside out by drinking at least 2 litres of water a day. Finally, look at replacing toxic products as Step 5. Start the year off feeling clean by stripping back products with too many chemicals and going for more natural items that use safe ingredients for the long term.

Re-Set Your Signature Style 

We love using the start of the year to assess our signature style and focus on finding pieces that can form the base of our looks for the months to come. Our look is ever evolving, but January is the perfect time to really source those essentials that you can then build around. From the perfect pair or jeans to the ultimate white tee, cementing your wardrobe heroes now will help you to buy smarter and focus on adding in statement pieces that will breathe life into those hardworking items that underpin your closet. 

Celebrate Yourself 

Whilst celebrating big milestones might come naturally to us (we all love to throw a birthday party or book that dinner to mark a promotion) but for 2022, it’s all about celebrating the small wins and who you are daily. End every evening by congratulating yourself for simple things. Whether it’s making a cracking cup of tea or getting the train on time, you should mark every moment. Celebrating yourself reminds us to enjoy the journey and not focus purely on outcomes. Savour the moment, life isn’t a race and taking time to smell the roses will remind you to be grateful of the life you do have. 

We hope these pointers get you in the very best place to start the year off in style. Here’s to a happy, healthy, and successful 2022!

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