Find Your Perfect Costume

Find Your Perfect Costume

IT’S SPOOKY SEASON!! Halloween is approaching in a matter of weeks and it’s the perfect time to embrace your alter ego, and unleash your imagination. So we’re here to provide you with some ideas and inspiration with plenty of time to get your freak in order before the 31st. Whether you want to go glam, spooky, stylish or even retro we’re here to inspire you with ideas.

For the fashion-forward divas who love a glam moment, how about something you can really make your own with these fierce personas.

Halloween Costume Ideas


Channel the iconic Egyptian queen with a dazzling gold gown, a jewelled headdress, and dramatic winged eyeliner.

Halloween Costumes Ideas

Marilyn Monroe

Pay homage to the ultimate Hollywood bombshell with a white halter dress, platinum blonde wig, stilettos and a red lip.

Halloween Costumes Ideas

Queen of Hearts

Bring this character to life with a red or black dress (a corset fit or puff sleeves is best). Accessorise with a crown, elbow length glove and statement jewellery. A dramatic eye and red lipstick in a heart shape is a must and a black short curly wig would add a scary feel.

Pairing up, be it partner, friend, or sibling can create a great impact! We're not talking ‘you be the head and i’ll be the butt’ costume, more like iconic duos.

Halloween Costumes Ideas Barbie and Ken

Barbie and Ken

So what if it’s predictable? 2023 has been THE year for Barbie and what better way to celebrate the feminist movement than to get your pink on. The best part of this outfit is there are so many ways you can go, pick a barbie (stereotypical or weird), pick a Ken and jump in!

Halloween Costumes Ideas

Werewolf and Vampire

Twilight, Vampire Diaries, Van Helsing; we know Vampire & Werewolves come as a pair and this makes the perfect scary duo costume moment! One person the ferocious werewolf with torn clothing and faux fur stuck on; while the other a vampire with a cape, fangs, and pale and bloody makeup.

For those who love to embrace the spirit of the spooky season, here are some of the scarier costumes that’ll send shivers down your spine.

Halloween Costumes Ideas

Possessed Doll

How about the eerie charm of a haunted doll? Dress in vintage-style but cute girly clothing, hair in pigtails with ribbons and apply cracked, smeared and worn doll-like makeup whilst carrying old dolls and teddies. Add unsettling movements and distant stares to enhance creepiness!

Halloween Costumes Ideas

Twisted Clown

Embrace the dark side of the circus. Buy a tattered clown suit and shoes, white face paint with exaggerated features and a clown smile, and carry unsettling props like a rusty knife or a sinister balloon bouquet.

Halloween Costumes Ideas


Combine high fashion with witchy elements. Opt for a sleek black dress and layer with a leather corset. Accessorise with black leather gloves and lace up boots and add props like a wide-brimmed hat and broom.

Halloween doesn't have to be all ghouls and goblins, have some fun with it and become your favourite celebrity or cartoon character!

Halloween Costumes Ideas Tylar Swift

Pick an Era with Taylor Swift

Keep it casual and recreate your favourite Taylor Swift Era; like the sparkly snake one-piece signature of Reputation, or a red cap and rustic look for the red album. Just make sure everyone knows it’s ‘Taylor’s Version’.

Halloween Costumes Ideas Freddie Mercury

Freddie Mercury

Recreate this guy’s outfit for Queen’s iconic Live Aid concert with a white Tank Top, blue jeans, white sneakers and make it ‘Freddie’ with a fake moustache, aviator sunglasses and a sweatband to your wrists.

Halloween Costumes Ideas


A brilliant twist for halloween that we don’t think is too Ogre-the-top at all… but you’ll need a lot of green body paint. Cover yourself in paint head to toe, find some green ogre ears, some sort of dungaree and you’re set with a funny, eye-catching costume.

Take on a new persona, get creepy with it or dazzle as an icon. Halloween is all about having fun and getting creative so give 'em pumpkin to talk about- Happy Spooky Season!

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