Emma Wallace Woman, Ines Gafsi

Emma Wallace Woman, Ines Gafsi

Ines Gafsi is the co-founder of Female Entrepreneurs Worldwide, Asia-Pacific’s largest business platform for female founders. She also acts as an advisor in the FEW Accelerator Programme, where she supports the growth of female-led start-ups in the ESG space via cash investment, mentorship, media coverage and access to an extensive network of investors. 

Through this incredible work in female empowerment, Ines was invited to lead the Inspiring Girls chapter in Hong Kong - a global non-profit organization at the forefront of championing gender equality by inspiring young girls to shatter stereotypes, embrace ambition, and manifest their full potential. Through mentorship, exposure to diverse career paths, and empowering stories from accomplished women, Inspiring Girls nurtures confidence and determination in the next generation of leaders.

As a woman who is on a mission to help girls and women realise their potential, we felt a natural synergy with Ines. After all, our collections are designed to give women the confidence they need to walk their own path and go for their dreams.  

Ines is the ultimate Emma Wallace Woman, so we sat down with the game-changer herself to discuss more about the importance of mentorship and empowerment for young women, what makes her feel powerful and advice she’d give girls to help achieve their goals.  

Read on as we delve deeper with Ines…

Ines Gafsi

Why is female empowerment important to you?

I grew up in France which had a very patriarchal structure. It made me realise how women were made to feel limited in what they could achieve, especially in the workplace. As I grew, I realised I wanted to safeguard the rights of women and support them to break down barriers and realise their potential and dreams without societal constructs limiting them. I really want to play a role in helping to raise the next generation of women to be more equal and be able to see a more inclusive world. 

What advice would you give to young girls who might face obstacles in achieving their goals? 

Obstacles can be unnerving, but they're also what makes life a bit exciting, right? I think if we had a life that was only smooth, it would also be a bit boring. In my entrepreneurial journey, I’ve faced a lot of setbacks and failures, but they were necessary for me to grow. I would recommend that young girls are patient with themselves and realise that they need to fail to learn. It’s all about how you pick yourself up from those stumbles and what those moments teach you to help you go on to be bigger and better. 

Ines Gafsi

What makes you feel powerful?

I have come to realise that the one thing that matters the most to me is to help others and it’s that which makes me feel powerful. I have an altruistic personality and draw energy and motivation from seeing others thrive. For that reason, supporting girls through Inspiring Girls has been truly fulfilling for me and I’ve never felt stronger as a result.  When I see girls evolve, when I see the impact that our program has on their lives, for me there's no better reward. Knowing that what we do matters and that the impact that we have will be long lasting on their lives is really empowering. 

Ines Gafsi

How has your work with Inspiring Girls Hong Kong impacted you personally?

The most amazing part of my role is that I get the chance to meet a lot of incredible women who act as role model volunteers in our program. They are all from various walks of life and I learn a lot from their stories. It helps me to build my own self-confidence, but also resilience. It really gives me a different perspective on my own life. The role has given me an incredible opportunity to grow and a true sense of purpose. 

Emma’s commitment to empowering young women goes well beyond her designs. From the 4th to 10th September, the store will be running a sample sale, welcoming fashion lovers to pick up perfect pieces they’ll treasure forever at up to 80% off.  

What’s special, is that this sale will be a philanthropic partnership, with 50% of the proceeds dedicated to supporting the Inspiring Girls organization.

Emma expands further on why she wants to support this cause, “Supporting Inspiring Girls isn’t just a gesture; it’s a commitment to a more inclusive and promising future. Gender equality fuels innovation, progress, and social harmony, which benefits everyone. By participating in the Emma Wallace sample sale, you are not only embracing luxury; you’re taking a stand for empowering girls and creating a world of limitless opportunities.”

The sample sale will take place at our flagship at Shop A, G/F Po Hing Mansion, 2 Po Hing Fong, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong. 

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